A variety of resources are available in times of crisis. As you walk through difficult seasons of life, you will find care and prayer to meet your needs.



There is tremendous power in prayer. We all find ourselves in moments of crisis when we need others to join us on our knees before God. We welcome your prayer requests. 




Crisis Assistance

Are you hurting, hopeless, scared and don’t know where to turn for help? Below you will find an array of opportunities at your disposal. You may contact them directly by selecting the name of the ministry. Jesus spent a third of His time on earth helping and healing those in need. We want to get you connected today.

To speak to a pastor from Venture in the event of an emergency, call 408.442.4527.



Since 1989, Christian Counseling Center in San Jose has been helping individuals of all walks of life in times of need. During this time their reputation has grown as a trustworthy location for the best and most advanced professional helping services from compassionate, dynamic believers.



City Team offers assistance finding housing, clothing and other critical life needs.



Pregnancy, especially one that is unplanned, can cause confusion and stress. We know that you may be facing a life changing choice and their staff is available to help walk you through your options. Their board certified OB/GYN physicians, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and support staff are highly trained and dedicated to meeting your health care needs. They will offer you a safe place to ask questions and get answers. RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinics desires to equip their clients with the information necessary to make positive choices for their lives.

Pastoral Care



Marriage is a God-ordained institution, and a covenant commitment reflecting God’s unconditional faithfulness to mankind throughout all ages. We believe that marriage is for one man and one woman for an entire lifetime. As we help you enter into the oneness of marriage, we require pre-marital counseling for anyone married by a Venture pastor. This can be accomplished by attending one of the three Engaged Couples Seminars offered each year or by making special arrangements with the officiating pastor. Due to space and schedule limitations, we can only perform weddings for members of our church community.



Kathy Lee



It's our desire to provide assistance to church families during their time of loss. Members have the option of using our facility to hold the memorial service for their loved one at no cost. We make every effort to accommodate your scheduling request, however we must take into consideration the church and school calendars. 

What kind of support does Venture provide?

Venture's staff desires to support your efforts to honor your loved one and to acknowledge the significance and meaning of the person who has had such impact in your family’s life. Therefore, we provide the following:

  • A staff member to guide you through the process of developing a meaningful memorial program that supports and honors your loved one’s memory. We offer a list of “Questions to ask when preparing a Memorial Service” that will aid in helping to formulate the program as well as technical and custodial support.
  • Church members will receive hospitality support for the reception following the ceremony, if requested.
  • Venture will assign a member of the Ministerial staff to officiate, if requested.


Tammy Quigley



Fridays @ 7pm  |  Private Home  |  Next Session Begins Aug 3, 2018

GriefShare is a nondenominational support group led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help. It features biblical teaching on grief and recovery topics to help you recover from your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life. GriefShare meets on Friday evenings at a private home. Book: $20. Please email Don & Cindy Butler for location of the meeting and more information, or call 408.460.9481.



$20 for book


Don & Cindy Butler

Support & Recovery Groups



1st & 3rd Mondays @ 7pm  |  Click here for a room location map »
Women: Room 217  |  Men: Room 224  |  Family Support: 218

Approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem during their lifetime. Venture is committed to educate, disciple and bring hope to individuals and families affected by mental health. We offer support groups for Men, Women, and a family support group. Our mission is to provide spiritual encouragement and a place of belonging where God re-purposes our pain for greater good. Our support groups are not a replacement for therapy, medication, or doctor visits.



Tina Yoon



2nd Thursdays @ 7pm  |  Ranch House (across from the church office)

Explore options and share encouragement with others dedicated to opening their hearts, homes, and lives to children who need a family’s love and a sense of belonging. Childcare by reservation.



Alice Yau


HOPE (Healing of Post-abortion Emotions)

RealOptions has been offering post-abortion healing for 25 years and has touched the hearts and lives of women, men and their families. Many have never had a safe place to share their story, nor discovered God’s heart in restoring lives following the decision to abort a pregnancy. This study allows you to spend intimate time with each other as you work through the grief of abortion. This ministry is offered as healing tool to many woman and men with life changing results. 

RACHEL’S VINEYARD RETREATS for anyone (men, women, parents, boyfriends) involved in an abortion and seeking hope, help, and healing. All costs are covered by RealOptions. Confidential online registration is available here »

HOPE SUMMIT, free classes for post-abortive women




HOPE Website

Other Abortion Recovery Resources Available at the Venture Bookstore…

Books by Venture’s own Shadia Hrichi: “Worthy of Love: Finding Hope After Abortion” – Bible Study based on “Nameless No More,” Shadia’s personal story of post-abortion healing and restoration. Find out more about this study »


(Support Group for Mature Widowed/Single Women)

Meets twice a month - once for a potluck or an activity on a Saturday and the last Sunday of the month at a restaurant after church.

This group of mature, active widowed/single women meets regularly to support one another, have fun and fellowship, and provide encouragement and prayer.


Women's 12-Step Study

Tuesdays @ 7pm  |  Room 220  |  Sept 12, 2017 - May 29, 2018

Our purpose is to walk along (disciple) women both inside and outside the body of Christ. Some may be suffering in silence from strongholds that keep them stuck, or from hurts that don't seem to heal even by attending church. If we're honest, many of us have walked in those shoes or still are. This study gets to the root of our brokenness and destructive patterns of behavior. If we desire to live in the fullness and freedom promised in God's Word, it is imperative to reorient our lives around Jesus' characteristics found in His Word. If the above has pinged your heart strings and you're interested in learning more about the group, please call Barbara at 408.693.0317.



Barbara Rugani-Kyser




The Warrior movement at Venture calls Christian men to the highest standards of moral conduct. It is structured so that a man can come as he is, regardless of lifestyle status. The group is an action corps, teamed to fight Satan, wickedness, and personal temptations. The Warriors come along-side men that are not experiencing the best that God has to offer them, like those struggling with pornography, addiction, and marital issues, etc., and grow in important aspects of manhood including sexuality and accountability.

If you’re interested in being a part of this safe and confidential group, please email us at warriormen@venture.cc »



For Spouses of Sexually Broken Men

Journey is a community of women who have all experienced betrayal and loss as a result of their spouses’ struggle with life-dominating sexual sin. Journey Women have an opportunity to grieve with others who identify with their pain, and begin to break free from harmful and distorted patterns of thinking.

Learn how to set boundaries that guard your heart, thoughts, and behaviors, and allow God to use authentic relationships to heal and transform you from the inside out. Journey's core curriculum addresses relevant issues helping women reconnect with God in a daily devotion. Journey is about relationships with God and other believers who help women walk through this life with grace and truth, no matter what choices their spouses may make along the way.

We look forward to getting to know you and walking with you on your journey. To find out more or to join the group, email us at journeyvcc@gmail.com »


HISKIDZ (Special Needs Ministry)

We know that ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for your child with special needs is a high priority for every family. HisKidz is an environment strategically created to nurture and teach children with a wide variety of special needs. We provide two options during services on Saturdays – either a buddy assigned to your child in a class with regular Children’s Ministry programming (4pm service), or a structured separate class environment with a consistent routine for children with unique needs (4pm service).

Stephen Ministry


IF YOU NEED A STEPHEN MINISTER, or know someone who does... CLICK HERE »  


Stephen Ministry recognizes the brokeness in all of us... and helps to bring Christ's healing to us through each other.

Stephen Ministry is the one-to-one caring ministry that matches a trained Stephen Minister with an individual needing high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care during a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, relocation, or separation due to military deployment.


  • a caring Christian - desiring to offer support to others in time of need

  • a sharing Christian - bringing who he/she is to each helping relationship, as a partner in another's life experiences

  • a trained Christian - having developed helping skills through intensive coursework

  • a dedicated Christian - one committed to confidential, in-depth caring


  • a professional pastor, therapist, counselor, or psychologist

  • a social worker providing lots of physical services

  • an expert in law, finance, church doctrine, etc.

  • a brief, superficial visitor 'touching base' with people now and then


  • Have you recently suffered a loss?

  • Are you new in the community and feeling uprooted?

  • Do you doubt God's presence and love for you?

  • Do your job worries seem too great to handle? Are they getting you down?

  • Are you, or someone you love, facing hospitalization or surgery?

  • Are you feeling depressed? Do you often wish you had someone to share your thoughts with?

  • Are you confused about events in your life?

  • Are you hurting?


  • Stephen Ministry is a distinctively Christian caring ministry that provides one-on-one support to individuals experiencing all kinds of life’s challenges and needs.

  • If you have any of the spiritual gifts of mercy, encouragement, and wisdom, and have a heart for ministering to individuals experiencing difficult challenges of life, our Stephen Ministry is the ministry for you

  • Our Stephen Ministry Training Classes normally begin with an Informational Q & A Meeting early in September.

  • The purpose of the Q & A meeting is to explain what Stephen Ministry is and to help you determine whether or not God has gifted you and is calling you to become a Stephen Minister.

  • Following this Q & A meeting, our Stephen Ministry Training Classes meet on Mondays at 7pm from late September through March (with Thanksgiving & Christmas breaks).