1: Do I have to be a Venture member to start a Gather & Grow group?

A: No - anyone who would like to get together with a few friends and grow can access the videos and study guides

2: Is a Gather & Grow group a Venture Small Group?

A: Not exactly… It is a group that meets for the purpose of growing closer to God & to other people, but it’s not an official Venture Small Group until you’ve completed training and become an approved leader.

3: Will you help me find people for my group?

A: Not to be calloused… but no. The idea is for you to invite some people that you know, maybe friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members. That way you already have some relationship and can encourage each other in the journey of growing in your faith

4: Is there a start and stop for the Gather & Grow groups?

A: Yes & no - each season we’ll make video and print resources available to be used. If you want to stop at the end of the season, that’s okay. Or if you decide to keep meeting during the next season, that’s okay as well.

5: How do I turn my Gather & Grow group into a Venture Small Group?

A: If you’re interested in receiving further small group leader training, email us and we’ll let you know when the next leader training is. If you haven’t been through the membership class yet, you’ll need to complete Discover Venture and commit to church membership as well.

6: What’s the benefit of leading a Venture Small Group?

A: You’ll be part of a leadership community at Venture and have access to the resources and group promotions. We’ll list your group on the Venture website and invest in your further growth and development.