At Venture Christian Church, we believe that every Christian is called to do life in community.

Community is best represented by a small group of people committed to relationship, growing spiritually and serving others.

What can I expect?

Our groups meet weekly throughout the Bay Area. Each meeting is leader-led through a relevant discussion and study providing important answers to life's questions. In small groups, we pursue God's will for us to be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ.

Looking for a Small Group Study? Have questions?

We provide sermon-based small group guides and have gathered some recommended studies for your group.



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We're excited to help you find a small group to join in your area. Take a moment to fill out the form below, and we will help you find a group. You can shoot us an email if you have more questions about what it means to join a small group here at Venture. 


We have a brief online application for you to take that helps us find the best fit for you, and we provide orientation and training. Take a moment to fill out the application below. We'll follow up in 5 days with your next steps. All information will be kept confidential.