The Network: 20s & 30s

The Network is a group of Young Professionals, in their 20s and 30s, who are early in their careers and focusing on navigating a "Christ-centered" life in a "ME-centered" world. We are a community of believers who value coming before God daily, doing life in community with other believers, and being actively on mission as representatives of Jesus Christ at home, work, and in our communities. Doing life together in The Network takes place in having multiple small groups that meet on various nights all throughout the area focused on life-change, growth, and accountability. We also gather together regularly as a large group for events, service projects, and parties. 

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For Young Professionals (singles and married) who want to connect in both a large group format and also break into men's and women's groups for deeper discussion, study, and prayer. The Network Café meets on Sundays from 4-6pm in the Venture Coffeehouse and other various locations throughout the week. These studies will be focused on topics and portions of Scripture most pertinent to help Young Professionals grow in their relationship with God.




Whether you are newly married or already have small children, The Network offers small groups for couples who want to grow together in their walk with God and learn how to build a strong foundation for their marriage and family, rooted in God’s Word and His promises. Each of our young married small groups meet in individual homes and grow as a group with a marriage mentor. While these groups will occasionally have marriage-related studies incorporated into the group over the year, the main focus for these groups is to help husbands and wives grow in their personal relationship with Christ and understanding of God's Word; thus producing a stronger, healthier, loving marriage to be a light in our dark world.



We also organize other large gatherings including worship nights, teaching / discussion events, on-mission projects, and social get-togethers. All these are designed to bring us closer to each other as a community and closer to God in our understanding of His Word and His plan for our lives.