Are you an experienced musician who wants to use your gifts and talents to serve God by serving on Venture's Worship Team? Click here to find out more about our Worship Team audition process »


Artists in Action is a small group for women artists (drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, decorating…visual arts) to encourage and support each other in their creativity. Meets monthly on Monday mornings. Contact Judy Welsh for details.


Creative Community is series of exciting, creatively-focused workshops designed to develop your abilities while deepening your walk with God. Creative Community is offered during the spring and fall.


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Production arts

Venture's Production Arts Team provides live audio, lighting and video support for worship services and events. So many parts of our weekend services happen “behind the scenes,” people don’t realize they take place because they’re just that – behind the scenes! Our volunteer team consists of:

  • Audio Engineers
  • Lighting Designers and Operators
  • Service Producers
  • Stage Managers
  • Video Directors
  • Graphics Operators
  • Camera Operators
  • Set Design and Construction
  • ...and more!

Interested in getting involved with our volunteer weekend production team? Click below:




Our creative department creates all of the media you see every week – from graphic design and branding, to social media and our website, to testimonies and original short films.

We're always looking for amateur and professional designers, photographer, writers, actors, videographers, editors, social media mavens, and more! Even if you don't have the skills, but you've got the time and passion to learn, we'd love to have you! If you're interested in volunteering with our creative team, click below: