We are a community of 20s/30s in diverse life stages (single, married, career, college, with/without kids) who are pursuing Jesus and having fun together. We gather weekly in groups all throughout San Jose. We also gather for events, service projects, and parties!

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A gathering for 20s/30s to experience Jesus, faith, and authentic community on Wednesday nights. Join us at 7:30 PM at the Trianon Theatre (72 N 5th St., San Jose).

FREE parking available in the parking garage across the street from Trianon Theatre (Free parking starts at 6 PM).

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This group meets on Sundays from 2-4pm in the Venture Coffeehouse. Each week we gather for community, a short teaching, and organized groups for deeper discussion, study, and prayer. Come join us! 

Our current series is called God-Breathed. it is a 4 week series focused on the reliability of scripture.



We have groups meeting nearly every night of the week around San Jose. We have groups for singles, marrieds, and families with kids.