Day 4 - God is @ work with an Amazing Youth Rally in IxtaHuacan - Eph 3:20

By Virendra Vase - The day started out with sow awesome Guatemala breakfast - ... After which we started our prep for the youth rally later this evening. We have been blessed by Edwin Martinez our host who led us in a time of "heart prep" having us reflect on the following statement "only what you do for God counts". So true !! We also reflected on Philippians 1 in our prayer room that overlooked a major part of HueHueTenango. After some more prep for our vbs (planned for Monday) - that was organized by one of our fearless leaders Greg Davis - how amazing it is to see how God works !! At this point we are not sure exactly how many and what ages the kids' are - which makes it a tad challenging. But the whole team jumped in with some amazing suggestions and now we are all looking forward to see what God will do in and through us on Monday when we do VBS in ...

After another great Guatemalan meal - we headed out to the church where we planned to have the rally. It was quite the drive to the Church - it took us around 90 mins of relatively rough roads but it was extremely scenic.

We started the evening out with some refreshments (huehue bread and oranges) to fellowship with the youth that came for the evening. It was amazing to see how social the kids were. Some of the boys even went and got a pick up soccer game going - how fun !! We even got together in the town square to pray for Guatemala !!

We then started the service around 7:30 with introductions and worship by the local band that really helped the various youth to enter the presence of the lord. Thanks to Edwin who helped get quite a few youth from various Churches and neighboring areas to the rally. Our team was so united and were confident in the lord.

Both Jun and Stefan gave their testimonies with such humility and clarity and encouraged folks to accept the Lord and grow deeper. Our worship band of Joelle, Kylie and Eduardo did an amazing job with a few English songs and I just sensed the spirit in our midst, Jesse exhorted us with a message from Ephesians and he was so articulate and calm and just spoke from his heart.

I surely give thanks to God for Jesse and his passion to see people grow closer to Jesus. We were blown away with the response of the youth who came in front for prayer. What an answer to prayer !

I have to say that it was extremely touching. The youth hung out for almost an hour after the service with the team, talking with them and taking pictures.

We wrapped up stuff after 10pm and then took the 90 min drive back home and then had some leftover Cossido (traditional Guatemala soup) Thanks for all your prayers !

Answers prayers - and praises !!

  • The team has gelled really well and have had great servant heart
  • We have kept safe and healthy (for the most part)
  • The passion of the members on our team is so contagious
  • Response to the youth rally exceeded all of our expectations !

Prayer requests

  • Continued health and safety for the team (a few of the folks felt a bit under the weather)
  • A continued outpouring of His love on us and the Guatemalans
  • For the second rally/service - on Sunday and the VBS on Monday