Buenos Noches!

This is Jun Bang saying hello from Huehuetenango! We are back to our original staying place in Huehue and just finished the first of three straight nights of youth rallies. What a blessing it is to be in a place with multiple youth groups joining together to worship God together! One of the great things I am learning is that despite color, language or country barriers, we all serve the same God, read the same bible and make decisions each day to follow Jesus’ ways. More about the youth rally! The night started out a bit awkwardly as we struggled to engage in conversations with the different youth groups. However, when the warm horchata and bread came out, conversations lit up, along with laughter and singing. Once the youth rally started, our cook, hermana Rosie’s daughter and husband opened up in worship, and later followed up with an excellent quartet! Now as our stage time came, Joelle and Josh opened up with their testimonies of how God has brought them up to this point. In the mix was our worship team, lead by Edward, Kylie and Joelle, who sang “Set a Fire” and “One Thing Remains”. Then Jesse spoke to finish up the rally! He focused on our place in God’s great plan and how earthly ways create barriers between us and our perfect God! The night end with our Guatemalan brothers and sisters wanting to take pictures with us before we departed! Now we are back at home, just finished debriefing and eating left over lasagna! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue the youth rallies for the next two nights! Love y’all and thank you for your continual support! God bless!