Guatemala Blog Day 7: Traveling to the coffee plantation

Is it bad to play soccer in Mayan ruins? Or is it worse to willingly lose a third of our team in one day? Since our team did both of those things, we'll say the jury is still deciding. The highlight of today was arriving at Edwin's coffee plantation. In this case, the destination was better than the three hour journey. However, our team caught up on some much needed sleep during that bumpy (though scenic) ride.

At long last, we arrived and unloaded our belongings at the beautiful plantation. The majority of the team relaxed, but an energetic few went for a hike in the plantation, taking a farmers' trail on the way back.  Later, we got to relax in hammocks, gently swaying in them before dinner. Overall, Tuesday was a great travel day, filled with picturesque places and accompanied by a terrific team.