Thursday, 9th Day:

We woke up this morning to the sweet smell of pancakes. After everyone getting their fill, we were assigned by Edwin to walk a little over a quarter of a mile to a school down the road, with classroom materials. After dropping everything off, we realized many kids from the previous VBS were there, so we stuck around a little longer and sang songs together. After getting back, we went straight into shoveling dirt for an hour and a half. Lunchtime came around, and before we knew it, we were on our way to our next and final VBS. We get there and immediately realize there were 150+ kids when we were only expecting 50-75 kids. After getting everyone settled down, we were able to devise a plan that gave all kids a chance to participate in crafts and games without there being too much chaos. In the end, even with lack of space and materials, not to mention a third of the kids there only spoke a Mayan dialect called Mam, God stayed sovereign and allowed the kids to enjoy themselves. After coming home, we went on a hike that took us all throughout the forest of coffee. Constant breathtaking views. Afterwards for dinner, we had Sopa Verde (which is voted a favorite by most teams).   We ended the night with discussion and jokes around the fire as well with some prayer for the youth rally we have tomorrow.

  • Stefan