Wednesday, 8th day:

Today we started off the day with great scrambled eggs by our wonderful cook, Gail. After breakfast, we gathered together for a devotion led by Hannah. She shared her thoughts from the passage Revelation 3:14-22 and started a great conversation about God’s will for us. After a long morning of needed relaxation in our hammocks, we prepared ourselves for getting dirty. Edwin sent us to dig up dirt into bags. This dirt will be spread throughout the roads making them a smoother path. With country music playing, we got the job done. We were filthy with dirt mixed with sweat, but we were so overjoyed to come back to the kitchen to get lunch: homemade corn tortillas filled with cheese, black beans, and salsa. After lunch, we performed our respective kitchen duties and began to prepare for the upcoming VBS. After a short car ride in the open truck bed where we prayed in view of God’s beautiful creation, we arrived at the church. Kids began to show up, and the boys got some games started with the soccer ball outside. Once we began, we started with some Spanish Bible songs, followed by a lesson on the creation story. After that, we took the party outside where we taught the kids some relay race games, as well as freeze tag and duck duck goose. Jun did a cool display by folding and tearing up a piece of paper as he spoke about what he was making. The presentation resulted in the paper becoming a cross. We then made it back outside to begin a game of soccer, or as the Guatemalans call it, “futbol.” This was an amazing experience. As I was playing, it hit me how incredible this opportunity was. I was playing a sport that these kids love with people that I love in a foreign third-world country and this was what teaching kids about God is all about. Sometimes, all these kids need is just to be shown love and for someone to want to spend time with them. We then went back inside to color with the kids small wheels that told the creation story. This was a wonderful bonding time, we were all able to just sit on the ground with the kids, and even for those who don’t speak much Spanish, it was awesome just to sit beside them and color and pass markers around.

We came back to the house just in time for a wonderful dinner of “Huehue Casserole” and mango coleslaw. That was followed by an incredible time by the bonfire, making s’mores and catching Scott and Sarah up on all the inside jokes that have been made over the past week. We also had some great and meaningful conversations about the mindset we need to have as we’re working, and whatever is on our hearts regarding prayer requests we need based on our feelings. When the fire died down, it was off to bed for a good night’s rest for the recharge that everyone desperately needs.

- Kylie and Joelle