Saturday - August 1st

After an amazing youth rally last night we were allowed to sleep in this morning and catch up on some much needed rest. Edwin took us to the nearby city of Chiantia where we went to the market and further experienced the Guatemalan culture and purchase a few souvenirs. We returned to the HueHue house and prepared for the rally in San Lorenzo again. We were excited to see that approximately 70% of the youth returned for the second night!! Once again Kiley, Joelle and Edward led the group with a few worship and we were blessed to hear testimonies from Hannah and Edward. Then Jesse delivered a wonderful message on the power and might of our God and that He is the same yesterday and today. He really encouraged them to put their trust in God. We walked away from the evening feeling really excited at what God is doing and were humbled to be a part of His plan in San Lorenzo. On the way home we encountered a little adventure and got pulled over by the police the way home. Fortunately, we didn't have any issues and they just checked to make sure the van was registered. We had a wonderful debrief in the evening and are excited to give our best tomorrow for our last rally.