(The) Father Knows Best

By ALDO MARAGONI Too often my eyes, my mind, my heart are chasing—for what, I'm not sure I can say.

Just chasing. And when I grab hold of what I desire, I find myself still empty—then chasing again. Wondering where you've gone, I realize it's me that has gone.

As an ever-present God, you're always near to us. Always working to bring us closer to you, even when we're chasing earthly things. Thank you, Father, for never letting go, for being with me always, for you infinite patience with me.

Questions race through my mind, the answers to which only you have, though I too often tend to think I know the answers.

You've placed me here in this city, in this church, in this family, in this job. Why? Only You know. And I pray for the focus and desire to chase only one thing—You.

Proverbs 16:9