Back From India

From Richard Chun:

Hello everyone!

Thank you for all your prayers and support for us!

We arrived safely back in SFO yesterday afternoon.

We were completely off the grid, so apologies for not being able to share any updates.

A group of 17 people split into 3 teams, were able to share the Gospel and plant 30 family churches in the Barasat, India area. We were also able to minister to 2 children schools which ODMS established where the children are unable to go to public schools.  Each school has about 50 kids from Kindergarten to 4th grade where the children learn basic academics and provide one meal a day.

I believe at least 500 children and adults were able to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, and possibly one third received Christ as their savior. At the end of the week, 9 people were baptized in a separate ceremony. I believe this is an incredible outcome, knowing that these new believers are risking their lives by openly professing their faith in Jesus Christ publicly in a muslim area.

Simultaneously, the Pastor of First Baptist Church in San Francisco (and member of ODMS) took the whole week to train about 30 family church leaders from previously established family churches in Kolkota, Sundolban, and Barasat. Teaching "from the Old Testament to the Cross"

Jiseong (from 678) did get a strange bug bite, as his foot got swollen and could not walk for one day missing the first children school visit, but God was gracious to have him healed quickly to join the 2nd day of ministering to the 2nd children school. I always choke-up when I see Jiseong play the role of Jesus Christ as he dies on the cross. (when we share the Gospel to kids)

Jiyeon (from Venture Highschool) mostly joined other India highschool girls in the family church leaders training. but was also able to minister to the first children's school. (and took over Jiseong's role of Jesus in our children's Gospel sharing the first day)

I give God all the glory for all that He has accomplished and allowing our family to join His harvest movement in India.

I thank Venture and the KR group for all your support in prayer and resources.

We will plan to share our testimony with the KR group soon during our Wed. gathering in the next few weeks.

Below link are some pictures from our trip.

In Christ!

Richard, Jungrim, Jiyeon and Jiseong.