Who Would Jesus Vote For?


Dear Venture,

If you feel frustrated, confused, and possibly angry with our current political situation, you are not alone. Never has America, the world's most powerful country, been given two options for president that both have such low approval among the populous.

Rarely has the rhetoric been so divisive and so negative; and we have only days remaining before the election. So...

How does a Christian live like a Christian
when it comes to this November election?

After much prayer and searching, I felt prompted to give my best answer to that questions. I encourage you to watch the video and pass it on if you find it helpful. Here's a brief outline to get you started:

1. Think Clearly

Until you understand the unique role of the Government, the Church, and the Individual Christian, you are destined to an electoral season of high emotion and poor decision making. To help you think this through, click here to download an mp3 audio message from Culture Shock on "The Church and Politics"  that outlines God's purpose for the Government, the Church, and the Individual Believer. 

2. Think Deeply

Ask the "why" question. Why are you "leaning toward," or resolutely voting for one candidate or the other? What is your motivation and reasoning? Anger? Fear? Bias? Tradition? Economics? Self-interest?

What if you honestly asked yourself, "Who would Jesus vote for and why?" What issues, values, and objectives, does He hold most dear? Why would Jesus vote even if He didn't have great respect for either as candidates for this high office? What criteria would He use that would help you vote wisely?

3. Act Responsibly

Remember that you are first and foremost a son or daughter of the Most High God and your communication and behavior need to reflect your Savior. How?

  • Refuse to vilify the "other" candidate and party with whom you disagree.
  • Refuse to pass on "untested information" because it's on the internet or the news.
  • Refuse to attack, blame, label, and treat others who disagree with you as "less Christian."
  • Know what the Bible says about key issues and articulate them with boldness and kindness (see Culture Shock book and Small Group Study).

4. Pray Fervently

Place your hope in God alone, not a candidate or a political party. Take God up on His promises. He has dramatically intervened through history and waits on high to hear the cries of His people. 

You have not, because you ask not.
— James 4:3
Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and amazing things you do not know.
— Jeremiah 33:3

5. Be a Change Agent

Refuse to be passive or fatalistic. Ask God to do a fresh work in you. You can't change the whole world, but you can let God change you. Don't unconsciously fall into the trap that the November election will determine our future. God can and does work through any leader – the question is will you let Him work in you?

It may sound strange, but I'm very encouraged and optimistic. Why? Because times of crisis and uncertainty cause us to awaken from our idols and distractions. We all have them and so do our neighbors, coworkers, and friends who don't yet know Jesus' love and forgiveness. 

Now is not a time to be dismayed. Now is a time to seize the day!

God is WILLING! God is ABLE! God invites you and me to use this pivotal season in America's history to draw near to Him, start or join a group for strength, and reach out like never before. 

Thanks you for taking the challenge, making a difference, and praying as we as Venture seek to be a catalyst to transform the Bay Area and the world for Christ, 

Pressing Ahead With You, 

Chip Ingram  Senior Pastor | Venture Christian Church

Chip Ingram
Senior Pastor | Venture Christian Church