Day 3 – Friday, by Josh Davis

The day was quite eventful. The day started off with a late wake up, (thank you God) and with a great breakfast “ Muy Rico!” Followed by amazing quiet time and times of devos with the group. After the Devos and down time we adventured off to Hot springs. The ride was absolutely amazing with beautiful mountains and trees everywhere. We rode in the back of the truck with no seatbelts (Sorry mom!) Of course being some of the only Americans we were quite the attraction for all the Guatemalans. It was so fun to try and communicate with the people there and just give friendly waves to those passing by. As we hiked the last few parts to the hot springs we came across a many beautiful sites not to mention the goats and cows. The hot springs were extremely refreshing to sit and soak in. As the day winded down we gathered ourselves to plan out the upcoming rallies and events, while enjoying amazing conversation and a delicious Guatemalan dinner. Throughout the Day it’s so cool to see God work in us and those around us. We had great quiet times to clear our minds and surrender ourselves to God. As well as great conversation where we could talk out doubts, things we have been learning, and give encouragement to those who need it. It is truly special to see what God is doing in our hearts and hopefully the hearts around us.

Leader comment (Greg) – We’ve had a few days to prepare before the Youth Rallies start, and before we do a construction project and a VBS. The time has been extremely valuable to flush out some deeper questions and insecurities the kids have had about how they are going to be able to contribute.

There are some serious nerves as you can imaging about speaking publicly in front of hundreds, let alone through a translator. Fortunately, there is just as serious a commitment to follow through with whatever role they are assigned – even in the face of doubts and fears. This pushing through the inner battles is huge in their personal development and each one is excelling beyond expectations.