1-2 Timothy: Leadership Lessons Continued

Continuing the leadership theme and lessons we learned during our study of Nehemiah, we move into 1-2 Timothy. Where in Nehemiah we saw someone leading the task of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem and rebuilding the spiritual lives of the Jews, 1-2 Timothy provides more leadership lessons, just for a different setting.

As we move through the letters, we’ll read Paul’s instructions to Timothy—charged with the organization and oversight of the Asian churches—and see how 1 Timothy is really a leadership manual for effectively guiding churches. And even though it’s a personal letter from Paul to Timothy, as Bert explained in his overview, the letters carry many principles relevant to all Christian workers and leaders.

Topics covered in 1 Timothy include:

  • Warning: The dangers of false doctrine
  • Worship: Directions for worship
  • Wisdom: Defense against false teachers
  • Widows: Duties toward others
  • Wealth: Dealing with riches

As we move into 2 Timothy later this year, we’ll see Paul commission Timothy to carry out the work of the ministry; encourage Timothy in the midst of hardship; urge Timothy to overcome his timidity and boldly proclaim the Gospel; and summon Timothy and Mark to visit him in Rome.

Topics we’ll touch upon include:

  • Power of the Gospel
  • Perseverance of the Gospel message
  • Protector of the Gospel
  • Proclamation of the Gospel