Tecate, Mexico STM trip - Easter 2016

Over the spring break, a team of 11 members from Venture built a meeting and prayer room behind the church at Vino Y Aceite in Tecate, Mexico with the help of several locals. On Tuesday March 29th  ,we met at church at 5:00am, packed the vans, prayed for the trip and headed down south. The drive was uneventful, but it gave us time to get to know each other better. We arrived and settled at Rancho La Paloma to prepare for our first day of work. When we woke up the following day, we discovered that it had rained overnight. The air was cool and crisp. We all did our devotions and grabbed breakfast before heading off to the worksite.

Once we arrived, we quickly got busy. Rob Berrett showed us what to do and everybody got working right away. We got most of the frame up and started on the truss framing. At the end of the first day, we were all tired and ran to get a shower when we got back to Rancho La Paloma. There was only one problem, there was no hot water in the beginning. So, some of us had to take a cold shower, brrr.

Afterwards we shared dinner with another church that came for their STM trip. The food that night was fantastic along with all the other food we experienced over the course of the trip like  Mexican steak and Fish tacos. Later, we went back to our building to debrief with Jim Brinkerhoff. Over the next couple of days, we continued our work and followed the same routine as the first day.

On the last day, we skipped dinner at the Rancho and headed to Puerto Nuevo, a small coastal tourist town along the coast near Ensenada. We did the touristy thing and shopped a little and enjoyed a seafood dinner. Most of us had lobster which was delicious.

Though most everything went smoothly, we had one little problem. We brought a drone with a camera that was missing the App software on a tablet or cellphone. We didn’t have a phone/data plan for Mexico or WiFi! It took us a couple of days, but we finally got the software on an iPad. We managed to capture some footage at the end.

It was such a blessing to work alongside the locals and their children and to build relationships. We had a great time working and talking together. God was truly working in us to build a place where people in Tecate can come to worship Him. On the last day, Saturday April 2nd, we woke up at 4:00am to leave Mexico as early as possible to avoid the long wait time to cross the border which could take several hours. Praise God for a safe and productive trip and for giving us the opportunity to work to further His kingdom.

Team: Jim Brinkerhoff, Rob Berrett, Heather Espy, Monisha Ferris, Randy Kreuger, Art Lee, Max Pansegrau, Tyler Jacobsen, Olivia Cunningham, Anya Ferris, Ian Ferris.