Venture Minute: March 25,2018

Hey everyone welcome to the venture minute.

Folks! Yes it’s true...Easter is next weekend!
So you’re the reason they’ll come to Venture.  Invite them all, your family, neighbor, co-worker, mailman, friend, the nice millennial at Starbucks! Do it. Use the card in your program to invite someone to one of our 7 identical Easter services . We’ll have children’s programming up through 5th grade, translation in Mandarin and Korean on Easter Sunday, and special Spanish services. For more details visit

So...we got them here to Easter...and that means a ton of new guests on campus! Let’s LOVE ON PEOPLE by signing up with Children’s Ministry or the various Guest Experience teams so they can experience a welcoming, warm Venture at Easter! We still have 45 opportunities in Children’s birth - Pre-k and 34 in elementary and 94 spots in Guest experience that can easily be filled.

Let’s make Easter at Venture amazing don’t hesitate..let’s step up!! Sign up at or by filling out the card in your program today! Food, fun and community awaits.

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