Rules for Maintaining a Healthy Social Media Account

  1. You must “friend” Mom and Dad and keep us as “friends” at all times.

  2. You must provide your social media password to Mom and Dad and let us know if you ever change it.

  3. Do not “friend” anyone that you don’t know personally. For example, don’t “friend” another person’s friend just because you know that other person.

  4. Don’t post a profile picture with someone other than a best friend, family member or pet. At some point your girlfriend or boyfriend is acceptable.

  5. Don’t “like” or comment on any post that will hurt someone else, hurt your parents or disappoint God.

  6. Don’t post any pictures of others without their permission—including a profile picture. Ask them first.

  7. Don’t “like” any websites, apps, music or videos that are inappropriate. If you don’t know, then ask Mom or Dad.

  8. Remember that future employers and universities often check social media sites when considering you for employment or enrollment when you are older.

  9. Ask Mom and Dad if you have any questions or concerns about something on any social media site.

  10. Think before you post anything. Things you post can exist forever online, even if you delete them right away. Someone could have taken a screen shot of your post and saved it. If you are not sure if you should post something, don’t post it.


I understand these social media guidelines, and I also understand that if I break one of these rules my account(s) may be suspended as a consequence.


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