Faith Promise: Trusting God

It was May of 1986, and I was hoping to go on a summer short-term mission trip to Yugoslavia, but with the first financial deadline looming 8 hours away, I was still $300 short. I remember praying, “Lord, by faith I’m going to trust that if you want me to go, you will provide the funds,” and then I went off to class. That evening I returned, and on my bed were three checks totaling — yes you knew this was coming — $300. I ended up spending the summer in Yugoslavia. Another time I was broke and needed $150 for dental work. I prayed, and sure enough, received a rebate check in the mail for — yes you knew this was coming — $150.

Faith, believing that for which we lack complete proof, pleases God. Without faith it is impossible to please him, and he delights in our trusting him for things, particularly when those things will be used for his glory. For me, God’s financial surprises have been a catalyst to trust him for greater things. Faith Promise is a step of faith, trusting God that he will supernaturally provide funds that we then give back to him for Kingdom endeavors.

As a community we take this faith step together, trusting God to impress upon us an amount that he would have us trust him for, then giving to fund local and global outreach. Please take time to pray and — yes you knew this was coming — trust the Lord to provide.