You will be required to take a class prior to the dedications. This class will take you through the Biblical steps of what it means, as parents, to dedicate your child to the Lord. You will be able to choose between two classes on either a Saturday or Sunday. 

For more information, please contact the Children's Ministry (408.997.4646). 

The dedication of children is a precious moment. It is a public commitment, with God as our witness, to raise our children under the Lordship of Christ and to use the utmost wisdom and discretion in encouraging the child to live for Jesus.

In witnessing this ceremony, the church family pledge themselves to share in the responsibility of training and guiding our children as they mature in their Christian growth and take their place in society.

We believe God has loaned our children to us to be raised in our homes to become devoted followers of Christ. For this to happen they must not only hear of godliness, but they must experience it as they live under our love and guidance. For that reason we believe that the dedication of our children to God requires a dedication of parents as well.

Each parent will be asked to make the following commitment:

“Will you set an example of Godliness for your child? Will you faithfully teach him/her the Word of God, pray diligently, discipline consistently, counsel wisely by your example as well as your instruction, and will you treasure your child as a gift from God?”


Through the blessing of God we have been entrusted with your life.

Today we promise to do everything to nurture your growth into all that God
has created you to be.

As your parents we commit to pursue our own spiritual growth by loving the LORD with all our heart, soul and strength.

In our marriage, we will teach you the meaning of faithfulness and devotion.

We will seek to provide you with a home where you will learn from the pages of God’s Word and our personal obedience to Christ.

We promise to pray for you and with you with the hope that you would grow to seek God with your whole heart.

We commit these things before God and these witnesses that God may use us to draw you to Himself as a fully devoted follower of Christ.