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  • Bulletin content is decided upon by the Strategic Team 2 weeks in advance. We pass on all bulletin requests to the strategic team with our recommendations, but nothing is guaranteed. Be sure to speak with your department's Strat Team leader in advance so they can plan and advocate for you.
  • If your request was approved, we'll confirm with you and let you proof the content that will be printed for your ministry/event.

Venture Weekly:

  • Please submit requests 2 weeks in advance. The Venture Weekly typically aligns with the bulletin, but we do sometimes have space for other requests. 

Web Requests:

  • Web requests are completed 2-3 times a week (typically Tuesdays and Fridays).
  • When requesting a page revision, please be sure to give specific instruction on where to make the revision on the page.
  • The Events Calendar is a great resource (typically the #3 most-visited page on the website), so you are encouraged to use it. Guidelines for getting events listed:
    • We only list events that occur once a month or less (exception - a multi-week event that happens once or twice a year, like Creative Community).
    • Be sure to include a call to action - registration form, contact email, something...
    • You must include a short paragraph (2-3 sentence minimum) description for the event. Describe what people who will be attending can expect. 
  • You'll get a confirmation when the request has been completed. 

Looking for something beyond the above?

Need something designed, like a postcard, banner, slide, or t-shirt? Shoot us an email with details at creative@venture.cc » and we'll take good care of you!


  • For print pieces, please put in requests a minimum of 2 weeks before you want the piece in-hand (not just 2 weeks before the event itself) for design projects. 3-4 weeks is highly recommended, especially during busy ministry seasons like before Easter, Fall Launch, Faith Promise, and Christmas.
  • For large campaigns with multiple pieces (e.g. VBX, Women's Retreat, Creative Community, major Small Group push, etc.), please put in requests a minimum of 1 month in advance of when you want materials. 
  • In general, the earlier you put in requests, the better we can serve you!

Vendors & Deliveries:

  • Our team is happy to request quotes and research vendors for your design projects, whether they're print, apparel, product, etc. Just give us an idea of what you're looking for and we'll find a great solution. 
  • We prefer all print and apparel projects to go though our department. If you have us do the ordering for your projects (even if we didn't do the design, or its a reprint), we'll make sure it gets delivered on time.