Sponsor a Student Today

You can change the trajectory of an Ethiopian student, and their family, for life.

 Join dozens of Venture families in prayerfully and financially supporting students in Ethiopia, for $35 per month.  As of Nov. 15, all students are sponsored! Thank you for your generosity!

 Seven students have already made their way through elementary, middle, high school, and have graduated from university.   45 more are currently in university.

 From Ethiopia we hear much unfortunate news—civil wars, locusts, drought, inflation, lack of food—but in the midst of this, God still has His hand on this Venture supported school.

 In addition to paying for education, uniforms, meals, school supplies, medical care, sponsorship support has allowed our partners to drill a well and bring water to the village, and in 2023, the plan is to start working on bringing electricity as well.  Extracurriculars are provided as well, including Vacation Bible Schools, sports camps, and home visits from local church leaders.  Students in grades 9-12 live and attend school about two hours from their home, so sponsor funds pay for meals, housing and transportation.  For the university students, sponsor funds provide a suitcase, bedding, warm clothes, shoes, transportation, and monthly pocket money for school supplies and sundries.