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Creative Community

  • Venture Campus - Worship Center 16845 Hicks Road Los Gatos, CA, 95032 United States (map)

Wednesdays at 7pm  |  April 6 - May 25

Creative Community is series of exciting, creatively-focused workshops designed to develop your abilities while deepening your walk with God. It'll be a great opportunity to learn, interact, share, and grow through this semester. All classes are FREE, so take a look at the workshop descriptions, pick your class, and register by clicking below!




You've got a Digital, Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera, and you are getting fairly good at it. Now it is time to try something new and creative: photos taken at night. Night photos can reveal the amazing majesty of the night sky (Isaiah 40:26). You will learn how to photograph in low-light using your DSLR. Along the way you will learn a little about the night sky and several photography techniques that will aid all of your photography efforts. Most of all you'll be amazed at how much there is in the dark that remains unseen without the aid of a camera. You just might unleash a creative direction you may have never considered. This is a hands-on course. You will be taking photos on the very first session of the course, so bring all the equipment listed in the prerequisites.


  • Must have a DSLR camera (smart phones are not acceptable)

  • Must understand the basics of exposures - i.e. the relationship between f-stop (aperture), sensitivity and exposure length, and have shot photographs in some mode other than "Automatic".

  • Your camera's operators manual

Also recommended are:

  • A tripod- strongly recommended!
  • A remote release (cable)
  • An Intervalometer (Steven will have some to loan)
  • Extra batteries
  • Memory card(s)

Teacher Bio

Steven Christenson is the founder and teacher of, and winner of the 2010 Greenwich Observatory "Astronomy Photographer of the Year", and a runner up in 2012. His work has been published as album covers, in the Economist and Backpacker Magazine and even featured on local TV stations. Steven specializes in "Landscape Astrophotography" a field that is easily approachable by anyone with a DSLR camera and a tripod.  You can read his instructive columns on his website (



Learn how to turn your ideas and creativity into successful Illustrations that tell your story to the world! No experience required, we'll walk through all the great pillars of Illustration and Design and see how everyone at any skill level can make creative Illustrations in an infinite amount of ways and styles. We will also look at how artists express their faith through their art.

Materials Needed: Just bring a sketchbook and some pencils or pens.

Teacher Bio

Will Krulee is an Animator/Illustrator from the Bay Area currently working in the video game industry. He has worked on video games, comic books, marketing illustration, storyboarding, and a bunch of other cool things.



Learn how to visually display Scriptures in creative ways on paper or in a Bible. Experiment with different mediums and techniques to incorporate God’s Word into your life. This hands-on class will have exercises in each session that will include mapping out a Scripture, lettering, use of color, shading, and using different mediums (gel pens, colored pencils, watercolor, pastels, sharpies etc.)

Materials needed: Pencil, eraser, black pen, colored pencils (the rest will be provided)

Teacher Bios

Kathy: Kathy Self has been an artist her entire life. She enjoys using oil paints and watercolors to bring beauty to those around her. She is especially inspired by God's Word, and prays that each painting she creates would be a visual echo of God's enduring grace and love. She enjoys weaving art history into her teaching. For 10 years she taught art privately, and is currently a full-time studio artist in the Bay Area. Please visit her website to see her work.

Brigitta: Brigitta Litfin has recently discovered Bible journaling and feels led to use her artistic skills and creativity in social media and in her blog  She loves how drawing images and doing lettering makes the Scripture verses come alive and helps God’s word sink into her heart.

Bonnie: Bonnie Bajarin became involved in Bible Art Journaling when she was writing a book about using our five senses to get God’s Word into us. Besides writing about it, she is involved in two Bible Art Journaling groups online. She is not an artist but knows if she can do it others can too.



Get ready to stretch yourself vocally and expressively as we dive into this exciting class! In Vocal Leading Techniques, we will cover healthy vocal technique, vocal parts in harmony, worshipful posture, expressive leading, and stage movement. No materials are needed for this class. Just bring yourself and an open and encouraging attitude, as this will be a collaborative and interactive experience. Must be a confident singer.

Teacher Bio

Shep Gibson is a singer, songwriter, and composer from Western North Carolina who currently co-leads worship right here at Venture Christian Church. He graduated from Furman University (Greenville, SC) with a bachelor’s degree in composition and has been a part of many performing vocal ensembles. He enjoys traveling, being with friends, and acting goofy.



This is an eight week class on building digital apps for the Kingdom. This class is for students that already have working knowledge of Scrum & Agile Methods, Design Thinking or Software Development. The first week of class, students will take an Intro Course on Rapid Prototyping. During weeks two and three, students will choose to take an overview class on Scrum & Agile Methods, Design Thinking or Software Development, based on their skill level set. The final four weeks, students will be placed on a developer team of 3-5 members. Each group will be given a product challenge and will be instructed to build and present a digital app for the Kingdom by the end of class.

Prerequisites: Prior knowledge of Scrum, Agile, Design Thinking (UI & UX) and Software Development.

Teacher Bio

Marc Krejci is a Missouri native, California transplant, and all over a man impassioned about building the lives of others inside and out. Marc’s current role as Venture’s Pastor of Innovation is reflective of an evolution that has occurred throughout his own life. Before joining Venture, Marc was a business and startup professional with over 15 years experience in the spheres of marketing, the music industry, product development, tech entrepreneurship, and more.



Learn the practical, hands on skills you'll need to lead worship in small groups and large environments. This class is open to any who have worship leading experience, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Teacher Bio

Lexi Hausmann is the worship ministry coordinator here at Venture Christian Church. She graduated from Biola University with a degree in Political Science and minors in Biblical Studies and Spanish. Leading worship is both a calling and a passion of hers, and she seeks to help others connect with the Lord in a new way through worship and expression. She enjoys songwriting and playing guitar, belting Carrie Underwood hits in the car, and roaming the aisles of Barnes and Noble.



In this class, you’ll learn software skills and storytelling techniques to create great narratives, documentaries, and promos/commercials. 

Prerequisite: A foundational working knowledge of Adobe Premiere is needed, as this class will not cover video editing software basics.

Materials Needed: Computers and software will be available, but a USB 3, Mac- formatted external hard drive (250GB+) is required to store your footage and projects.

Teacher Bios

Aaron: Aaron Williams is a colorist, editor, and motion graphics artist, currently serving as Venture's Creative Director. He's a graduate of Loyola Marymount University's School of Film & Television, and has over 15 years experience in the filmmaking field, including independent films, music videos, commercials, television, corporate video, etc. He's worked with Hollywood VFX houses, DI finishing companies, boutique creative agencies, major music labels, and more.

Austin: Austin's interest in video started with taking editing classes in high school. He studied Multi-media Arts in college and currently works at Venture as the Video Producer. He has over 10 years of experience in cinematography, editing and storytelling.



There are so many parts of our weekend services that happen “behind the scenes” that people don’t realize because they’re just that – behind the scenes! For those who are interested in getting involved with our services but may not know where they might fit, we are teaching an introduction to sound, live video, stage management, and lighting. What you learn will lead to direct opportunities to get involved and serve “behind the scenes” yourself on our weekend production team.

Teacher Bios

Gary: Gary Poole is the Production Arts Pastor of Venture Christian Church. A graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Gary has twenty years of professional performing arts experience, including Broadway credits like Spring Awakening, Cry-Baby, The Times They Are A-Changin’, and The Wedding Singer, family-oriented shows including Scooby-Doo!, Go, Diego, Go! and Blue’s Clues Live, and serving in the Production arts ministries at churches in Louisville, Savannah, and Atlanta. Gary strives to utilize his knowledge and experience in technical production to enhance worship services and to inspire others to grow in their Christian life through service in production ministry.

Ben: Ben White started doing live production for church when he was in junior high and has been involved ever since. He's been working in A/V for over ten years and at Venture for the past four. In his free time he spends time with his family and likes to play music, go biking, and skiing.



Worshipful Words is a class designed to help you put your conversion testimony, as well as faith-building testimonies into words, and share with others. The power of words can encourage, edify, and elicit powerful transformations. Let Worshipful Words help you put your life-giving stories into a format that emboldens your walk and inspires others.

Teacher Bio

Michelle Smith is a Christian wife and mother. She obtained an English degree with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UC Davis. She has worked in Marketing Communications for high tech companies, and has taught children and adults how to express themselves through writing. As a Christian speaker, she helps encourage people to find hope and purpose through Jesus Christ. She has also self-published two books, “Designated Driver,” and “Worshipful Words.” Her greatest achievements include helping her husband run their business and homeschooling her three children.



This class will provide participants with an overview of worship dance; beginning with group prayer, a ballet style warm-up, styles and techniques of worship dance, and a time for sharing dances.  No previous dance experience required, just a heart for worshiping for God. Loose clothing is recommended. You can wear socks or go barefoot.

Teacher Bio

Cristine has a passion for and has been involved with worship dance for several years.  She currently leads an adult worship dance group, who ministers at senior homes once a month and perform at Bay Area churches. Cristine has taught worship dance workshops at worship conferences, in addition to teaching adult ballet classes at local ballet studios. Cristine is excited to teach again for Creative Community and is looking forward to how God will move in and around his people and inspire all of us to be creative for Jesus!



Would you like to use your hands to glorify the Lord? Come to our class and learn to knit or crochet.

Materials Needed: Just bring one pair of size #10 knitting needles, or a size #G crochet hook, as well as two skeins of yarn (any color- Red Heart brand, worsted weight yarn). Please do not get the same color yarn as your needle.

We will work on a small project for the length of the class.

Teacher Bio

Karen Deeter is a retired secretary originally from Oregon, now a gardener/baker/leisure reader and knitter.  She learned to crochet/knit in high school, but dropped it for many years while working and having a family. She picked it up again about 30 years ago, but had to teach herself all over again. Karen has been knitting with a group from Venture for charity for about ten years and is still enjoying it - “Love knitting those hats!”  It is a joy for her to have settled into where God needs her. 



In this age of media clutter, how do you swim upstream and influence others with your small biz or idea? We’ll explore creative channels that can help you market effectively. Areas we will spotlight on: influence (sales), synergistic campaigns, social media, and relational networking. We’ll be referring to a current business book and by class-end construct an influence plan and gain new ideas.

Teacher Bio

Grace Long, born and raised in the SF Bay Area, has worked in the tech industry with a focus in rights management in the video/gaming/entertainment industry for over 20 years in marketing, sales and account management.  She has an agency background in B2B and B2C/PR advertising/agency representing clients from medical, automotive, industrial, and non-profit. In the recent years she has been involved in business consulting, property management and non-profit. Currently she is part of Venture's Creative team as the Project & Communications Manager.



Learn life-transforming prayer skills based on Scripture. Most of us have more minor and medium-sized trauma than we realize, and even these can block our connection with God and with others. We teach prayer tools that enable you to live the abundant life and stay connected throughout your day regardless of the circumstances.

Teacher Bio

Our heartbeat is that everyone would experience such a strong connection with God that they can always hear His voice - anytime, anyplace, in any circumstance. Kim Vase and Sherrie Grabot have spent over four years studying various prayer and inner healing modalities and have led an inner healing ministry for approximately 3 years.


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Creative Community