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Faith Promise 2020

Why Faith Promise?  Do we make a difference?

Yes! From local to global impact we’re able to help many people encounter Christ, train leaders in countries where faith in Christ cannot be openly
proclaimed, support humanitarian needs, and most importantly, participate in life change!

We’re excited to share with you opportunities created from these efforts. Each of us can make an impact by applying our talents locally in our neighborhood, workplace, or school and globally by supporting our life-changing work in every region. See what God can do through you!

Explore Short-Term Trips

Mission trips are a great personal journey as well as an important necessity to the communities of regions where people are in great practical and spiritual need. One of the key components of a mission trip is showing the people you are serving that you care. Just the small act of being present for a few days can be life-changing to all parties involved. Representing the Good News by our actions can speak volumes. Short term trips can cause life-change that inspires you to grow. Beyond lifelong friendships formed on your trip, all lives are impacted for good. Explore what you could do locally or globally below.

Pledge to Give

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus gives his last words to his disciples, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” At Venture, we respond to this command through “Faith Promise.” It’s our way of funding local and global outreach.

What we ask every year is that all of us would give as God leads. This giving is over and above our regular tithes, and it’s called “Faith Promise,” because we step out in faith and say, “God, I want to trust you, I believe that you will come through. I promise to provide what you give to me.”

In addition, we also pledge our commitment to Faith Promise by individually reflecting on what might be our personal life mission in 2020.

Everything we do, sponsoring missionaries, planting churches, training national leaders, sponsoring evangelistic outreaches, rescuing and rehabilitating those caught in the web of human trafficking, providing humanitarian aid to displaced refugees, is fueled by your generosity and heart to help others encounter the grace of God through faith promise.

Thanks to your generosity, we are on track to give millions of dollars to all our five key regions and beyond.

You are an Influencer

Download this wallpaper to your phone during this Faith Promise 2020 -Neighborhood to Nations.

Remind yourself weekly that you’ve got Good News that needs to be shared. Start local today and get to know that neighbor, friend or colleague at work.

Be a neighborhood influencer in your circle. Start today! 


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