We are excited for you to lean in and understand our mission, vision, strategy, and values. They describe characteristics that define where we are going as a Church, who we are as a collective group, and how we — with our unique gifts, influence, and culture — will fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.


Our Vision

Let’s start with our Vision Statement:

"Venture Christian Church exists to be a catalyst to transform the Bay Area, from a place of spiritual darkness to a global strategic teaching and discipleship center for the gospel of Jesus Christ, by partnering with Living on the Edge and like-minded churches, to produce Romans 12 Christians (authentic followers of Christ) ...here, there, and everywhere."

If you look at the vision statement you will see the word "catalyst". What we mean by this is that we want everyone at Venture to be a catalytic change agent in the hands of God.

We will do this through a strategy of training and equipping Venture people to be sent out to change the Bay Area and beyond. We will also strategically partner with Living On The Edge and other like minded churches and organizations to reach the Bay Area and beyond for Christ.


Our Mission

Our mission is to produce Romans 12 Christians, authentic followers of Christ as laid out in Romans chapter 12, here in the Bay Area, throughout our nation and across the world.


Our Core Values

Our Core Values are God-given principles that dictate our behavior and actions as we live out our mission, vision and strategy. These core values are core components of our existing culture.

  1. Our lives – Surrendered to God – Romans 12:1
  2. Our Relationships – Do life in Community – Hebrews 10:24-25
  3. Our Focus – A Community On Mission – Acts 2:42-47

Our Strategic Anchors & Filters

We also have a set of Strategic Anchors or filters that serve as guidelines for our ministry teams to use and direct all decisions throughout the organization at every level. We ask ourselves these questions;

  1. Is it Biblically True?
  2. Is it Transformational?
  3. Is it Scalable? Can it multiply?
  4. Is it Culturally Relevant? – a Biblically-true bridge to our culture
  5. Does it utilize and leverage Technology?

We look forward to getting to know you, helping you find a community to do life with, and a place to serve where God can work through you! If you have more questions or seek deeper understanding, please contact us or go through our Catch the Vision study.