On March 18, we walked the congregation through an all-church survey. The results presented us with a great snapshot of our church family, so we thought we'd share the results with you!

We started off with a fun question below :)

Which Star Wars movie was the best?


Then we moved on to the "serious" questions...

What is your gender?

How long have you been a Christ Follower?

How long have you been attending Venture?

How did you first come to Venture?

Did you come to Christ at Venture?

How often do you attend weekend services?

How old are you?

What is your primary way of learning about God?

What is your preferred way of experiencing authentic community?

Would you consider Venture to be your home church?

How would you identify your ethnicity?

Have you shared Christ with, or invited a person to Venture in the past two years?

Were you born in the United States?

What is your marital status?