Be On Mission - Week 3


This weekend Eddie Byun joined us from South Korea. Eddie is the Lead Pastor at Crossway Mission Church in Seoul, South Korea. Eddie shared with us the perspective of two different "windows" (the 10/40 window and the 4/14 window). He reminded us of the importance of these two windows and challenged us to be thinking about how missions can be a higher priority in our own lives. 


Share about a time when God answered a prayer in a totally unexpected and surprising way. What impact did that have on your view of God?



Read Matthew 28:18-20

  • How would you define "missions"?


  • What does this passage say about the priority of missions?


  • What divine opportunities for missions has God placed in your life?
    • These could be international or across the street. Share about these opportunities with your group.


  • Why are the two different "windows" that Eddie mentioned in his sermon so important?


  • How does this influence your perspective on missions?




  • What do you think of the idea expressed in the sermon about planning your vacations around missions? 



  • What do you think the connection between missions and prayer is? Why?


Read Matthew 9:37 and Isaiah 56:7


  • Think of a few specific mission opportunities or missionaries and spend praying for them right now.
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