I Choose Hope - Part 2 - Experiencing Hope


Hope is the mental and emotional attitude that life is good, the future is promising, and progress is certain... even in the midst of difficult circumstances and challenging relationships. The question that Pastor Chip tackled this last weekend was: "How do we experience this True HOPE in everyday life?" The answer from the book of Philippians involves Christ's power in our weakness, His presence in our pain, and His life in our death. Let's dive in together. 

Note for the Leaders- This is the final study guide that will be released for December.  Starting in January with our "I Choose Peace" series on Philippians 4, you will be able to access the sermon-based study guides at Venture.cc/curriculum.


What gift are you most looking to that you think you will get this Christmas? Or, think of and share that feeling of excitement when you have received the "perfect" gift in the past!


  • Read Philippians 3:8 together. What does it say about the importance of Christ?


  • Read Philippians 3:9 together. Do you want to be "completely united to Christ" like this verse talks about? Why?
    • What would it look like in your day-to-day life to be "completely united to Christ"?


  • Take a silent moment to reflect on the following question.
    • Who is your hope in? Under pressure, what person do you tend to put your hope in? 
      • It could be your sense of well-being, your sense that life is good, your confidence...who does this tend to be attached too?
        • Why that person?
        • Do you see this as a good or bad thing? Why?




What “one thing” do you sense God wants you to know, feel, or do to experience Jesus’ love and power in your life today? How can we (your group) help you in this?



Allow ample time for prayer this week. Spend time hearing and praying for each person’s request  in your group. Make sure to respect the rest of the group by keeping your sharing time brief to allow time for all to share.



 - Written by Michelle Smith

Day 1 –

Read Habakkuk 2:4.

  • How does this scripture align with Philippians 3:9?


  • What does it mean to live by faith?


Day 2 –

  • What are some ways you live by faith?


  • what are some ways over the last few weeks you have demonstrated not living by faith?


Day 3 –

  • Read Philippians 3:10-11. What are some ways you would like to know Christ?


  • Pray today asking God for these things.


Day 4 –

  • Do any of the ways you want to know Christ (from day 3) include wanting to know him in his “suffering?”


  • Why is it especially difficult for some Christians, even with the assurance of eternal life after death, to seek to know Christ in “his sufferings,” or “becoming like him in his death?”


Day 5 –

Re-read Philippians 3.


  • What does this chapter say about God?


  • What does this chapter say about man?


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