For The Bible - Part 5


Jesus Loves Me has been a powerful series. Please join me in thanking God for working powerfully this last weekend as John concluded our series. God has given us stability in an unstable world. John's teaching from Sunday about "For The Bible Tells Me So" reveals to us that we can be unshaken in times of personal, cultural or spiritual upheaval. We found that we also can be fruitful and flourish amidst chaos or constant change. 

GROUP CONNECTION: Target time: 5-10 minutes

Share about a time when believing and obeying the bible saved you from a decision that would have had significant long-term consequences. 


STUDY/DISCUSSION: Target time: 45-50 minutes

Small Group Leaders- Please always make the effort to have each person engage in the discussion. Also, as with every week, don't feel pressure to go in-depth on every question, or complete every question. Don't let the pressure of completing every question distract from what God might be doing in your group. 

Read 2 Tim. 3:1-5a and answer the questions below

  • Look at all of the negative attributes described in vs. 1-4. What parallels between today and this passage do you see? 
  • What does "the last days" mean?
    • See Acts 2:17 and 1 John 2:18 for further insight.
    • "The last days" is often used in scripture to refer to the present day (when it was written) until the time that Jesus will return and make all things right. in our day today, we see many (if not all) of the warning signs that are described in this passage. we, just like the early church, are living in "the last days".  
    • In 2 Tim. 3:5 Timothy says, "avoid such people". He clearly think of himself as living in the last days if he (and his audience) can actively "avoid such people". 

Read 2 Tim. 3:14-15 and answer the questions below

  • What does Vs. 15 say about the impact scripture can have on an individual?
  • John shared with us on Sunday that the same scriptures that led us to salvation will continue reshaping us and guiding us as we follow Christ. How have you found this to be true in your own life?

Read 2 Tim. 3:16-17 and answer the questions below

  • Share with the group one way in the last month that scripture has taught, rebuked, corrected, or trained you. what impact did this have on your life over these last few weeks? 
  • The goal is that we might be "complete, equipped for every good work". share with your group how scripture has equipped you for good works in your life.
  • John shared these 4 truths with us this weekend. Which one has been most true in your life recently?




Live it out:

Look at the list from 2 Timothy 3:1-4 and pick one area that is especially challenging for you right now in your life.

Share ways that your group can help keep you accountable (be specific!). 


Prayer time:

Pray for each other and the area you each shared that is challenging for you. 

Pray for a supernatural ability to submit your pride and turn control over to God and His repair manual. 

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