You Also Must Testify - Part 1

Text: John 15:26-27, John 16




Target time: 5-10 minutes

Google the word "testify" and discuss its meaning and application for you in your family, work, and relationships.


Target time: 45-50 minutes

Small Group Leaders- Please always make the effort to have each person engage in the discussion. Also, as with every week, don’t feel pressure to go in-depth on every question, or complete every question. Don’t let the pressure of completing every question distract from what God might be doing in your group.

1.      How does "testifying" about Jesus differ from "serving" Jesus? When and how are they the same?

2.      As a group, read these excerpts from Martyr’s Oath. Which one of these resonates with the most? Why?

a.      I stand with the Apostle Paul in stating that “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain”.

b.      I take a stand to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with my mind as I meditate upon His Word and His promises to me. 

c.       I commit to love my family, orphans, widows, lepers, the wealthy and the poor the way that Christ loved the Church.

d.      I surrender this body on earth to the perfect will of Jesus and should my blood be spilled may it bring forth a mighty harvest of souls.

Read John 15:26-27 and answer the question below

3.      How has the Holy Spirit “born witness” or “testified” about Jesus in your heart and life?

Read John 16:7-13 and answer the questions below

4.      The Holy Spirit lives inside of every believer 24/7/365.  How are you taking full advantage of the Holy Spirit’s constant presence in your life?

5.      How have you seen the Holy Spirit work in your life (or the lives of others) in the ways described in this passage?

Read John 16:33 and answer the question below

6.      Share about the tribulations that you have recently faced. How has the truth that Jesus has overcome the world given you hope in these tribulations?

Live It Out:

Share one of your biggest challenges that hinders you from testifying about Jesus’ work of love and transformation?

Prayer Time:

Pray for opportunities to testify about Jesus.

Pray for your “one”. Who is that one person that God is putting on your heart and mind to be praying for and inviting to Easter?



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