How To Grow A Strong Family - Part 2


As we continue our series "Strong  Families In A Broken World"  Chip focuses on the "how"  this week. He walks us through  four questions that changed his life and his family on objective, priorities, schedule, and discipline. If we want to grow a strong family, we will need to address each of these.



If money and time were no object, what is a dream you've always had that you would check off of your bucket list? Share this with the group and why this is something  you've always wanted to accomplish.



This week Chip is focusing on the practical side of "how" the prescription that God gives for strong families works. There are five commands in the following six verses in Deuteronomy  that give us practical action steps to take.


Read Deut. 6:4 and discuss the question below.

1.  Why is this doctrinal truth so important? Share an example  of a time when doctrinal truth kept you on the right  path.

Read Deut. 6:5 and discuss the question below.

2.  Why does God require total personal devotion from us?

Leaders- Matthew  6:24 and Matthew 6:33 give great insight  into this question.

Read Deut. 6:6 and discuss the question below.

3.   Why is biblical knowledge so important to God's prescription for a Strong Family? What does it look like  for biblical knowledge to be in your head and in your heart?

Read Deut. 6:7-9 and discuss the question below.

4.   Systematic instruction and teachable moments  are two vital pathways for Christians  to grow and mature. Share with your group your personal experience with systematic  instruction and teachable moments. Why were they effective in shaping who you are today?

Chip shared with us four questions that radically impacted his life, marriage, and family. Take a moment  to record  your answers:

•    Objective- Who do you really  want to become?

•     Priority- How badly do you want it?

•    Schedule- Where does it show up on your calendar?

•    Discipline- Are you willing to pay the price?

5.   Share your objective with the group and what God has been doing in your life to prompt  you towards pursuing this objective in particular.

6.   Based on your objective, share 2-3 key changes that you need to make in your schedule. Who can help you stay on track with this?


Pray for the objective that God has placed in the hearts of each person in your group. Encourage each other to rely solely on God as He brings about these changes in their lives.


Chip shared his example of trying a 1-week experiment (specifically, spending time with God every morning and not watching TV in the evening) which resulted in a chain reaction of grace in his life, marriage, and family.  As he was sharing, what did you sense that God was prompting you to try this week with your family? Will you trust Him and take that step of faith?

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