Messy Grace - Part 5 - Kaleb Kaltenbach

TEXT: JOHN 8:1-11

This week we had the great privilege of hearing Caleb Kaltenbach and his message on "messy grace". He shared with us how his parents divorced when he was young, then both pursued same-sex relationships, and what is was Like growing  up in that environment. Caleb as a high schoolstudent, attended a Christian  bible study with the sole goalof disproving  Christianity and dismantling the faith of those in the study.  God had other plans and he became a Christian. After becoming a pastor and serving  in various churches, his parents started  attending  the church where he was a pastor. Over time they both became Christians. Caleb taught about how Love is the tension of grace and truth, especially  as it pertained  to his parents.



Share about a time when you had wronged someone and they showed you incredible grace/ forgiveness. How did this situation impact your Life and your perspective on grace?




Read John 8:1-11 and discuss the questions below.

1.  Read Lev. 20:10 and Deut. 22:22. What do these verses say about the consequences of adultery  for the Israelites? What inconsistency  is there between the Old Testament instructions and what we see the Pharisees doing in John 8? What do you think this shows about the intentions of the Pharisees?

2.  Look at verse John 8:7 and discuss how Jesus not only escaped the trap the Pharisees tried to set, but caught them in their own sin.

a.   Jesus forces them into a situation where if they were to cast a stone at the women they would be claiming  that their Lives were without sin (which is equal to calling  oneself God). The Pharisees knew the law about false claims of being God, so they dropped their stones one-by-one and left.

3.  What did Jesus say to the woman? Why do you think  He says this?

4.   In the statement in John 8:10, Jesus demonstrates love toward the woman. Love is the tension between grace and truth. How have you experienced Jesus showing you love while speaking grace and truth in your  own life?

5.  Think  of a specific  person who needs you to show them  truth this week. Share about how you plan to communicate this to them. How willyou balance  that truth with grace?

6.  Think  of a specific  person who needs you to show them  grace this week. Share about how you plan to communicate this to them. How willyou balance  that grace with truth?


Consider splitting up into pairs or smaller groups. Read John 1:14 and pray for those people in your life who need to be shown grace and truth. Pray for God's wisdom and courage in your approach.


Caleb shared about embracing the difference between acceptance and approval. Think about a person you could show acceptance to this week without having to give your approvalin areas that conflict with your Christian beliefs.

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