Read Instructions Carefully Before Attempting - Part 1


We are starting a new series this week from Chip called Strong Families  in A Broken World. The theme of the sermon this week is to present  God's specific prescription to help you build a strong family. Chip wants you to know that whether  you are single, married, a single parent, a blended family, or recovering from the trauma of death or divorce, this series will help you discover and apply what we all long for so deeply in our hearts... a Strong Family.



Think about some friendships, families and marriages that you would describe as really healthy or strong. What are some of the qualities or habits that they have that you think contribute to their health?



Chip reminds us that a doctor gives prescriptions for our benefit; to make us healthy. As we look to the Bible we see that God's prescription is a pathway for blessingand a strong family; but only if we take it.

Read Deut. 6:1-9 and discuss the questions below.

  • Who is talked about in this passage? (God, sons, grandsons, etc..)
  • What are the instructions (commandments) in this passage? Take some time as a group and try to find as many action words as you can [keep, love, etc..).
  • What are some of the reasons/blessings listed in this passage for the Israelites
    • God is the only God
    • God desires to bless us
    • That is will go well with you in the land
    • Your days will be prolonged
    • God's instruction and direction for our benefit.
  • As Christians  living in 2017 without  a specific "Promised Land" promised  to us, how do these truths connect with our lives today?
    • We see the principle and the truth that the pathway to a life  filled  with goodness and God's blessing  [even in hardship/pain) comes from having Him as the center, motivating our actions and thoughts, for ourselves and our families.

Chip shared with us six qualities that strong  families have:

•  Commitment to family as a group

•  Expresses great deal of appreciation

•  Have positive communication skills

•  Spend a lot of time together

•  High degree of spiritual well-being

•  Special ability to cope with stress and crisis

  • Which of these qualities resonates  with you most? Why?
  • Pick one of these six qualities and commit  to focusing on it over the coming weeks. Have your group share with each other the quality they picked and why.


I encourage you to break into groups of 2-4 people. Share with each other your biggest challenge or fear about building a strong family. Pray for these challenges/fears.


Take the next step and share the quality you are focusing on with someone outside of your small group.  Think about how this might encourage  them.


Pray daily with your spouse/family this week.


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