Fasting Devotional Guide - Monday

As we begin our week of fasting, let’s look at and learn from two stories in the bible where God’s people fasted. For more info about our week of fasting, look to the "info sheet" at the bottom of the page.


Read Exodus 34:10-35


  • What situation is Moses in and why is he fasting?



  • What insight does this give about the purpose and effect of fasting?



Read Esther 4:6-5:8

(feel free to read the rest of the book of Esther to see how the story ends)


  • What situation are the Jews in and why are they fasting?



  • Do you have a situation in your life in which you need God to intervene on your behalf? Spend time praying and asking for his intervention and guidance.



Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for Pastor Chip to have wisdom and favor from God as he shares God’s truth with the congregation on a weekly basis.

  2. Praise God for all of the leaders who are stepping out and starting a group or a class in January. Pray for their effectiveness and to cultivate great community!





Venture Christian Church - 7 Day Fast Info Sheet


What are we doing?

As we begin 2018, we are taking a week to intentionally do without food or media for the purpose of seeking after God and His favor here at Venture.


Why are we fasting?

Fasting is a time of intentionally separating yourself from perceived life support systems (food, media, habits) and relying on the Lord, our true life support. Fasting usually results in renewed closeness with God and a greater sensitivity to spiritual things. Scripture outlines many situations in which the people of God fasted and prayed... A desire for wisdom (Acts 14:23), confession of sin (Jonah 3:5, 2 Samuel 12:16) denial of the flesh (Matt. 4:2), and asking for spiritual direction (Acts 13:1-3) name a few.

Our specific objective is to spend a week as a church body fasting and preparing for what God is going to do in our church this year. We want to seek His face, His wisdom, and His favor for 2018.


How will this fast work?

We will be fasting from January 8th – 14th.


There will be a daily blog post ( for all staff and leaders with a bible study and prayer requests each day. You will also receive an email soon with all 7 days of devotional study material.

There are varying ways to get involved and we are encouraging people to engage in this fast in at least one of three ways over this week:**

  • Liquids only (smoothies, water, and juice)

  • Fruits and vegetables only

  • Media fast (fasting from an avenue of media entertainment that is a regular part of your life).

For more info:

**Remember these options are recommendations and you should check with your healthcare professional if you are unsure of your physical ability to engage in a fast from food**

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