Dear Venture Family,

Looking back, there have been crucial “pivot points” in my life where God’s calling has caused me to take big steps of faith outside of my comfort zone, yet impossible to ignore. In 2009, God called me to Venture with a desire to see God restore a church to greatness. I am thrilled and humbled at how God has worked these last 9 years as I’ve been privileged to serve you as Venture’s Senior Pastor. Yet over the recent months, my heart has moved to waking up daily and thinking of the greater needs of our nation, needs within the Kingdom, and the unprecedented windows of opportunity in China and the Middle East.

The growing sense of urgency of God’s calling on my and Theresa’s life, and the opportunity for impact nationally and around the world, has made it clear that my role at Venture needs to change. After praying together with our Elders, I communicated to the them that my time as Venture’s Senior Pastor should end in June of 2019 at the latest, allowing me to invest my next ten years – Lord willing – on this broader calling to pastors and leaders in America, China, the Middle East, and other parts of the world.

The Elders have formed a transition team, and have been rigorously praying, planning, and thinking through all the implications. They will share with you more details in the days and weeks to come; but they have begun a formal search for Venture’s next Senior Pastor. To be clear, I believe that it is time for me to transition fully into a role where I can intentionally give my remaining years of ministry to fulfill God’s calling in order to maximize my impact for the Kingdom of God on a more global scale.

Theresa and I love you, and are so grateful for God bringing us to Venture. We have a great staff and a great future. The church is positioned and poised for impact here in Silicon Valley and around the world like never before. I’m also humbled and excited to respond to 40 years of a promise to a naïve, zealous, basketball player and coach, who God made a pastor, and continues to demonstrate that He loves to do extraordinary things through very ordinary people to accomplish impossible things for His glory.

I ask that you pray for us as we make this transition in obedience to God’s call on our lives. I’m super excited about God’s plans for Venture Christian Church to truly be a catalytic relational disciple-making movement for, there, and everywhere!

Thank you for your love and support,

  Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram



The elder board has prayerfully journeyed with Chip in preparing for this God-led transition, and we fully embrace and support Chip and Theresa as they listen to God’s calling on their lives. We are united in our view that, although we are sad to see Chip transition from the Senior Pastor role at Venture, we are extremely excited to see what God has in store for both Chip and for Venture in the months and years ahead.

The Elder Board has formed a Transition Team to lead the search for Venture’s next Senior Pastor, and we will provide regular updates as the process moves along. We hope you will join us in daily prayer as God directs us to the individual that He is calling to become our new Senior Pastor.

We realize that many of you may have questions, and we have tried to address some of them in the FAQs below. If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to email us »

In Christ,
The Venture Elders




Why is Chip transitioning?

Chip feels God is calling him to intentionally focus his energy and time around the national and international ministry opportunities God has opened up, as well as his broader calling to pastors and leaders in America, China, the Middle East, and other parts of the world.

What does this transition mean for Venture?

Venture will be looking for a new Senior Pastor with the search being led by a Transition Team designated by the Elder Board. Chip will remain as Senior Pastor until June 2019, or until a new Senior Pastor is approved; whichever comes first.

Who is overseeing the leadership and direction of the church during this transition?

While Chip will remain as the spiritual and teaching leader for our church until the next Senior Pastor is found, our Pastoral Leadership Team will continue to lead the day-to-day charge for Venture. On key hires and major strategic decisions, the Elder Board will step in to assist the Pastoral Leadership Team.

How will this affect my experience at Venture?

Your regular experience at Venture will remain largely unchanged, except for the periodic updates about the search during weekend services. We believe that God has brought great vision and clarity to the direction and future of our church, and we will continue on that path together in unity. Together, we will continue to come before God in worship, to grow in biblical community, and to live out our faith on, there, and everywhere. We are wholeheartedly committed to being a catalytic, relational, disciple-making movement for Jesus, and this transition doesn't affect this commitment. 

Is Chip going to keep teaching during this transition?

During the transition, our current teaching team, which includes Chip as well as other pastors from Venture, will continue to teach during services.

How can I stay up-to-date with the transition and Senior Pastor search progress?

The best places to stay up-to-date will be right here on the Venture website, as well as the Venture Weekly email. Major updates will also be announced during weekend services as appropriate.


If you have questions about the transition, click below to email the Transition Team. We appreciate your prayers during this transition and are excited for what God has in store for Chip and Venture.