Care Ministries Available

  • Encouragement - cards, calls, visits
  • Helping Hands- home repair, clean, build
  • Hospital visits- pray, encourage, scripture
  • Benevolence- financial assistance, budget
  • Prayer- altar ministry, online requests
  • Living w/ Hope & Mental Health- support
  • Grief Share- process grief of loved one
  • Journey Women- widow’s support
  • Warrior Men- sexual addiction recovery
  • Journey Women- SA spousal support
  • Celebrate Recovery- hurts, habits
  • Coaching- biblical guidance

We Care for People

These Care Ministry teams visit, encourage, assist, and support, guide, and pray for hurting people

Who we're looking for:

If you have a heart for people who are hurting or are a person who is compassionate or empathetic, this is the place to put those gifts into action.

What you'll do:

Serve by helping those who can’t help themselves and show God’s love by meeting practical needs

Background check needed for all coaches

How we'll help you lead


We'll provide training specific to your role.

Staff Coaching

An expert coach will guide you as you lead.

Online Resources

We'll offer content to help you along the way.