In its fourth year of operation, Village House-Interfaith Shelter of Hope is a network of currently 20 churches providing year-round, monthly rotating overnight and daytime shelter for up to 15 fragile homeless ladies. While they are with us, they work with a network case worker on programs designed to provide stability for their lives including housing, employment, medical and psychological care and, in some cases, family reconciliation. 

From April 3rd to May 4th, St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church at 5100 Camden Avenue and San Jose Christian Reformed Church, 5150 Camden Avenue, will share hosting duties for the month. Our volunteers will engage these wonderful ladies and each other to create a truly blessed opportunity to share Christ’s love with others in our community. Volunteer positions range from providing meals, transportation and laundry service to greeting the guests at intake, providing overnight supervision, discharging them in the morning and providing daytime fellowship. Volunteer spots will be available for both our overnight shelter as well as at a day shelter at our next-door neighbors, San Jose Christian Reform Church.

Sign up using the following link to check out volunteer slot descriptions, days, and times available.

Volunteer training is scheduled for Sunday, March 29th at 12:30 PM in the Fellowship Hall at St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church at 5100 Camden Avenue, San Jose.