Women’s Life Group: Buck

Wednesday morning women’s group… join us!

Women’s Life Group: Rommi Wadlington

We are a group of women (ages 50 and over) encouraging one another to seek Christ in all that we do, to recognize the joy of the Lord always and […]

Women’s Life Group: Stephanie

We call ourselves “HOLY COW” – Holy Christians of the Word, because this is a fun WOW group spin-off of course! The Women of the Word gathering for this group […]

Womens Life Group: Robinson

We are a group of women encouraging one another to know and love Christ more.

Women’s Life Group: Chadburn

A women’s group that meets every week on Thursday mornings (9:30 – 11:30) for prayer, study and community.

Women’s Life Group: Giannatos

We are a group of women who gather weekly for bible based encouragement, prayer, and fellowship.

Affinity: Life In The Middle – Women’s Group

Life in The Middle (LITM) is for women in their midlife years.

Journey Women

Journey Women If your spouse is struggling with sexual addiction, you also need support.

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VEnture Women Find love, respect, acceptance, encouragement, support, and hope.