Live in Community

A great group will change your life. 


At Venture, the primary way we live in community is through Life Groups. They are usually 8 to 15 people who meet weekly or several times a month, throughout San Jose. Some discuss the weekend’s message, others are focused on a phase of life, interest, or cause. But all are sharing in each other’s ups and downs and pursuing the way of Jesus together.


Contact Nathan Gelsinger, Life Groups Pastor,

[email protected] 

Why Join a Group?

You were created to have meaningful relationships. These relationships offer a safe place to find encouragement and support on your lifelong journey of finding and following Jesus. 

Jump in and join a Life Group!

Mid-sized Communities

These communities are typically offered seasonally, gathering weekly at Venture in groups of anywhere from 20 to 200. They are a great way to get more connected to Venture, receive guidance in particular areas of life, and connect with people like yourself.


Join us for BETTERMAN,  Bible Studies, and Men’s Life Groups to find strength in friendship and become more the man you are meant to be.


Join us for weekly Bible studies and discussions, offered Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, with other events happening regularly.


Our Chinese, Korean, and Spanish communities meet regularly to encourage those from various backgrounds.

Young Adults

Get together with others, 25-35ish. We meet weekly on Thursdays evenings with other regular community events.

Senior Adults

We would love to meet you at one of our services or activities. Our goal is to provide seniors with the spiritual opportunities to enhance your life.


Build stronger marriages and overcome challenges through supportive communities and practical tools.

We want to equip you to be the best group leader you can possibly be. We’ve assembled past discussion guides, upcoming events, and so much more.

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Events at venture

Check out what’s coming up for our community.