Men’s Group: Chamness (Mountain View)

We are a group of men mostly in our 40’s and 50’s. Some single, some married, most with young families, all looking for spiritual growth through Christian community. Our time […]

Men’s Group: Trovato (Blossom Hill)

We are a group of men who get together on a weekly basis to pray, encourage and support each other in leading more Godly lives. We hold each other accountable […]

Affinity: Mtn Bike Group

Sometimes “church” becomes community when we connect with people around an activity that we simply love to do. Mountain Biking provides that kind of connecting point. Join us for our […]

Men’s Life Group: Hosea Berhane

We are a group of men walking through life together, encouraging and strengthening each other. Most of us have walked through various struggles/challenges and we want to challenge each other […]

Men’s Group: 20s-40s

Monday Men’s group for 20s-40s. We meet online via ZOOM every other Monday. We study apologetics and the Bible and show how they are connected to daily life. Join us!

Men’s: Dan O’Gorman

We are a group of men meeting weekly. We meet for bible study, encouragement, and fun. Join us!

Men’s Group: Men On The Rock

Men on the Rock is a friendly, welcoming online men’s group committed to fellowship, prayer and growing in the Word. Come connect and study the Bible with us each Sunday […]

Men’s Group: South San Jose/Almaden

Join us as we grow toward Christ-like manhood. We strive to listen, pray for, and encourage each other, yet hold each other accountable amid an atmosphere of transparency and vulnerability. […]