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Time is a limited and valuable commodity. Where that time is spent can say a lot about who a man is and what he values. From seeking success in a pressure-filled workforce, to finding quality time to make memories with family. From seeking physical strength through healthy lifestyle choices to spending time being fed spiritually and/or emotionally. Life is full of experiences and growth opportunities, but it can also be a challenge to find balance with our time.

We recognize that men shouldn’t navigate that challenge alone. With Men’s Groups and other Venture Men gatherings, we can find strength through friendship, encouragement when we see we aren’t alone, and growth discovering the men we are meant to be.

If you are a man that is struggling with pornography or other sexual addiction issues, you are not alone. The Warrior Movement at Venture comes alongside men that are not experiencing God’s best for their lives and provides encouragement and support toward victory over their addiction.

Please contact for more information. warriormen@venture.cc

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