Our short-term weekend groups are a great way to explore a topic & connect in community. For the Saturday night groups, we serve dinner after the 4pm service, then groups begin at 5:45p. 


Alpha: Explore Life, Faith & Meaning          

At Alpha, everyone is invited to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view. Invite a few friends to join you for dinner and some conversation!

Saturdays  5:45pm 

Beginning Sept 15 • (12 weeks)

Room 218

Marriage Fitness 

Are you thriving in marriage… or struggling to just survive? Wherever your marriage is at, you’ll learn the tools to move toward marital health! You’ll learn how to connect at a deeper level, how to grow through conflict, find healing from past hurts & disappointments, and engage in God’s mission for life!

Saturdays 5:45pm

Beginning Sept 15 • (7 weeks)


Becoming the One (for singles)

If you met the right person, would you be emotionally and spiritually ready to have a long lasting relationship? Becoming the One will help you understand God’s amazing plans for you in the area of relationships. Start preparing now to Become to One! 

Saturdays  5:45pm

Beginning Sept 15th • (4 weeks)

Room 224

How to Experience God in Prayer

We all pray but we don't always experience God in prayer and often struggle to hear Him speak to us. Join us in discovering a biblical method for prayer that will connect us to God and experience His presence. 

Saturdays  5:45pm

Beginning Sept 15 • (6 weeks)

Room 223

Overcoming Depression (for women)

Would you like to have more control over your thought life? Discover how God's Word can shape thoughts that will allow us to live an abundant life, even in the midst of the troubles.

Saturdays 5:45pm

Beginning Sept 15 • (8 weeks)

Room 225

Growing Closer to God

Join us in taking new steps in your relationship with God this year! You’ll learn how to draw near to God, be victorious in spiritual battle, and much more!

Sundays 9:30am

Beginning Sept 16• (8 weeks)

Room 217

Overcoming our Anger, Fears and Hurts

Learn biblical steps to overcome anger, fears and hurts by surrendering to Christ in a supportive community of believers. Practical help for the strong feelings that ruin relationships.

Sundays 11:15am

Beginning Sept 16 • (8 weeks)

Room 217




If you are looking for community and discipleship on the weekend, check out following groups that meet on the Venture campus every Sunday

KOINONIA (Mature Adults)

Sundays • 8am • Room 218

Joy-filled group of those over age 50, growing in authentic community, God’s Word, prayer, and serving.



Dale & Carol Dequine
Lee Svetal - 50+ Singles



Sundays • 9:30am • Room 224

In-depth study of the Bible to equip us for every good work.



Sundays • 9:30am • Room 223

An encouraging men’s discipleship group to help you grow in your Christian life.



Ron Canty



Sundays • 11:15am • Room 219

Men and women of different ages who are growing in their understanding of God's Word, resulting in transformed lives.



Sundays • 11:15am • Room 223

Multi-generational group becoming more like Jesus as we love, support and connect with each other.



Sundays • 11:15am • Room 225

Come experience fellowship, prayer, and Bible study to help you grow toward maturity in Christ!



Sundays • 11:15am • Room 224

All ages (couples, as well as singles) will experience a warm welcome as we enjoy a time of light refreshment, prayer, worship in song, and Bible study.



Aubrey Parrott
Donna Bales
Rich Sevcik

40s+50s SINGLES

Sundays •  5:30pm • Room 218

Experience community and spiritual growth with other singles. We seek to become the kind of people that God can use in our community and world to fulfill His purposes.