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I Can’t Believe that… God’s Grace Is Real

Written by Liz Ditty and Nathan Gelsinger

  1. What is the most dramatic, positive change you’ve ever experienced?

Saving Grace


  1. Read 2 Corinthians 5:14-15
    1. What is one reason Paul points out that Christ died on the cross?
    2. Jesus’ death made it possible for us to go to heaven after we die, but how does believing we are supposed to live for Jesus shape your priorities and values with your time, money, and relationships?
  2. In what ways have shaping your life around Jesus made your life better or harder?

Sanctifying Grace


  1. Continue reading 2 Corinthians 5:16-21
    1. When you decided to follow Jesus, did you feel like a “new creature”? 
      1. How did your life change?
      2. Was it a fast or slow process?
      3. Do you feel like God is still changing you today?
    2. When we were reconciled to God, God’s work didn’t stop there. What is our role as forgiven people who are right with God?


  2. Are there ways you feel resistant to God changing your life?
    1. What area of your life do you feel the most need to control?
    2. What are you afraid God might ask of you? 
    3. Read Galatians 5:1 & John 10:10. What does God desire to shape our lives into?


  3. Is there a place you feel stuck and wish you could grow?
    1. Who have you asked for help?
    2. Have you asked God for help?
    3. What do you think is holding you back?
    4. Is there anything or anyone that could help you look for what God’s direction, timing, or help might look like?

Common Grace

  1. Is there a way you can share the grace you have received with another person this week? What will that look like? 


Let’s Pray. (Protect at least the last 10 minutes of your group time).

  1. All together: Leave 3 minutes open for anyone to chime in with worship- Thank God for the new life made possible through Jesus.
  2. Each of us: Leave 4 minutes open for people to pray silently or out loud in confession- Admit the ways you fear change and cling to control.
  3. For one another: Leave 3 minutes open for people to ask for help for themselves and/or on behalf of one another- Ask God for what you need, and bless one another.

Click Here For a Downloadable Version of the Discussion Guide

Mid-Season Training Report


You’ll recall that we have 6 distinct types of groups within our Life Groups Ministry and it was a joy to be able to have a time more specific to each of your specific groups’ needs. Women’s Life Groups, Men’s Life Groups, Family Life Groups, Mixed Life Groups, Affinity/Activity Life Groups, and Discipleship Life Groups. Thank you!


As we round the corner towards summer We need to consider how to Multiply your group in the Fall….

NOW BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT :), Just hear me out… 


      We have a continuing need for new groups (particularly in the Activity Groups, Family Life Groups, and Women’s Life Groups areas) and additionally we have a responsibility to raise up those in our group to become leaders just like we are (read Ephesians 4:7-16). 


     I want to approach Multiplication through the lens of Mentoring for this Fall. It can really look like one of two different Pathways:


Pathway #1

  • March → Summer

    • You start training up someone (or a few) in your group right now. They gain confidence (through following the HeroMaker model) and agree to start a group in the Fall.

  • August → December

    • In the Fall they attend BOTH your group AND their new group. This provides a place for them to be encouraged as they pour into this new group that’s beginning.

    • You both agree to spend the year in a mentoring relationship where you connect/talk/laugh/cry/pray through the process of this new group beginning

    • As the Fall season ends they can begin to taper off attending your group as they feel settled and ready to be in their new group

  • January → June

    • They only attend the new group and you are alongside them mentoring/praying/encouraging them during the remainder of the season

Pathway #2 

  • Everything goes exactly the same as Pathway #1 with the change that you as the existing leader step out to start a new group and the person you’ve been training steps up to take leadership of the existing group. 


     Now I recognize that some groups are not in the right space to send out a leader!! That’s okay! Even if that is the case for the Fall, beginning to train them through the HeroMaker process will help your group bond more deeply and be a more enjoyable experience as a leader. 


    As I wrap this up I just want to say that Multiplication and Prayer Partners will be a main focus through the rest of our season. Multiplication to prepare for the fall and Prayer Partners to make sure you understand the Prayer Partner Role and have consistent communication with your prayer partner. 


New Group Member Follow Up

  • Individuals requesting to join via groupfinder are added to your group and their information is sent to you. 
  • Your responsibility is to connect with them within 48 hours. 
  • If you have been unsuccessful over three attempts please update the google sheet (that we send open groups weekly) with that information
  • Review the Google sheet (that we send with potential members) and update accordingly. We will send this weekly as a reminder if you have pending requests. 

System Update – New Attendance Look and Feel

  • First of all, attendance now AUTO-SAVES. This is convenient and confusing. When you enter attendance (by clicking on a person’s name which highlights them with a blue box) this attendance is automatically saved and updated.
  • You can share prayer requests by clicking “Share Prayer Requests”
  • There is no saving or submitting anymore. When you’re finished click “back” or close the page.
  • We are fixing an issue that some of you are not receiving an attendance summary. 
  • You can access your group at: my.venture.cc