February Update


We had an AMAZING time at the “Find Your People” event in January. We had over 120 people want to join groups that weekend and have about 150 requests that came in during January. Praise God!! Now it’s time to get these folks connected and plugged in and I so appreciate you all stepping up and communicating quickly with them. Thank you and check out our February updates and upcoming events. 

Open Life Groups, Reply and confirm the following details:

  • Are you receiving a text or email when a new member requests to join?
  • Are you receiving a text message from Joumana with a list of names for you to follow up with?

New Group Member Follow Up

  • Individuals requesting to join via groupfinder are added to your group and their information is sent to you. 
  • Your responsibility is to connect with them within 48 hours. 
  • If you have been unsuccessful over three attempts please update the google sheet (that we send open groups weekly) with that information
  • Review the Google sheet (that we send with potential members) and update accordingly. We will send this weekly as a reminder if you have pending requests. 

System Update – New Attendance Look and Feel

  • First of all, attendance now AUTO-SAVES. This is convenient and confusing. When you enter attendance (by clicking on a person’s name which highlights them with a blue box) this attendance is automatically saved and updated.
  • You can share prayer requests by clicking “Share Prayer Requests”
  • There is no saving or submitting anymore. When you’re finished click “back” or close the page.
  • We are fixing an issue that some of you are not receiving an attendance summary. 
  • You can access your group at: my.venture.cc

Host a Seder at your home and skip the Seder event at church

  • If you (or your group) attended the Seder at church last year, please consider hosting one in your home to make space for others to attend the Seder event at Venture.
  • You can host a Seder with your Life Group in the week leading up to Easter or the week of April 22nd (the actual Passover week this year).
  • I will send out instructions for how to host one in your home next month.

Passover Seder Event on March 28th

  • March 28th, 6:45-8:45
  • Join us on March 28th for a guided journey through a traditional passover seder
  • Presented by Chosen People Ministries, check out the video below.
  • Register Here
  • Childcare Available

Current Discussion GUide

Acts 4:43-5:11

Written by: Nathan Gelsinger 

  • Share about an outstanding expression of generosity that you’ve heard of. What did they give? Why? What impact did it have? 
  • Pastor Tim said, “When God moves, you start caring more about other people than your stuff.” How have you experienced this to be true?
  • Read Acts 4:32-37
    • In this passage we see the early church taking care of people within the church. It is not so much that there was a community pot and everyone’s possession was thrown in there and no longer their property… But more that as they were moved by the Spirit each individual began to value the people in their church more than their stuff. They stopped claiming it as “theirs” but were prepared to give freely to help others. You see this in vs. 36-37 when Barnabas sells “his” property and gives the proceeds away.
    • Over your time at Venture, what story or example of giving and taking care of others stands out to you?
    • In this passage, how do you see radical generosity expressed? 
  • Read Psalm 50:7-15 together as a group
    • What does this passage tell us about God?
    • What does this passage tell us about what God desires from us?
  • Read Acts 5:1-11 together
    • What does this passage teach us about lying?
    • Was it required that they give the full amount of the sale?
    • What does this passage show us about generosity? 
    • What does this passage teach us about God? 
    • Why do you think there was such a strong and immediate response here?
  • We all have areas of sin! We often feel the need to hide these sins and we pretend that it is truly hidden. Acts 5:4 and 5:9 tell us that there is nothing hidden from the Lord. The sin that you are struggling with, God already knows about it and has watched you commit that sin. It is so important that we expose these sins to each other for healing and growth.
    • Read James 5:19-20, 1 John 1:6-7, and 1 Samuel 16:7 together
    • Spend some time in individual prayer and ask God to show you areas of sin that you are trying to hide from others.
    • Leaders – Make sure you think through this next section… Maybe your group is large or needs to subdivide for this next part…. Make a plan beforehand.
    • Spend time sharing about these areas of sin with each other. Pray for each other, support each other, and lift each other up in these things. 


  • Prayer
    • Make your prayer time focused around those areas of sin/challenge that were shared. 
    • You can also briefly share one or two requests and spend 15 minutes praying for each other in these areas.

Click Here for a Downloadable Version of the Discussion Questions

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