Summer Update

Hi Life Group Leaders! 

      We are rounding the corner on Summertime and we have some cadence changes during these next couple months. 
Consider the following ideas as you prepare for summer:
  • Your group can continue meeting unchanged or it might move to gatherings focused on community and fun.
  • You can regularly share prayer requests via group text.
  • You can grab coffee or food together.
  • You can check in with “random” phone calls.
  • No matter your group’s plans, please make sure to schedule some ways for your group to stay connected throughout the summer months. 
      You’ll notice a summertime study guide posted on this page. This guide will be posted from now until September (when I’ll begin writing the weekly guide again). This guide is an inductive bible study method that you can use with any passage of scripture. When your group is gathering over the summer, you can grab a passage of scripture, and simply ask a few of the questions in this guide. It will lead you in a productive conversation and is easy to do as a leader. 
      I’ve also updated the Recommended Venture Bible Studies channel on our RightNowMedia account. You (and anyone in your group) can utilize this great library of bible studies for free. Just login or visit venture.cc/rightnow to get an account. 

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