We now have shepherds over the six life groups types (Men’s Life Groups, Women’s Life Groups, Activity Groups, Discipleship Groups, Family Groups, Mixed Groups)!!

    These Shepherds will oversee Prayer Partners who will be partnering with Life Groups and their leaders to bathe them in prayer. A couples details: 

  • Each week when you fill out your Attendance Report the list of Prayer Requests will be forwarded to your Prayer Partner as an update for them. Confidentiality is key and you also have discretion about what you would like to include. 
  • We need more Prayer Partners to help cover our people in prayer. Let me know if you (or someone in your group) might be interested


  • One focus this fall is on Prayer. We want to focus on making sure we pray a lot in our groups and are really creative about how we spend this prayer time. See the attachments for some creative prayer ideas
  • ACTS prayer
  • Creative Prayer Ideas

Current Discussion GUide

You Do It – Mark 6:45-52

  1. Ice breaker- share a high (good moment or success) or low (challenge) from your week. 
  2. Read Mark 6:6b-13 together
    • What did Jesus instruct the disciples to do?
    • What power did Jesus give them? Could they have done their assigned task without this power? Why or why not?
    • What assignments have you been given that seemed beyond your ability to complete? How did God show up for you?
    • What did the disciples accomplish during this time of ministry?
  3. Read Mark 6:30-31
    • Imagine the stories they told as they returned to Jesus and shared all that had been accomplished!! Take a moment and share amongst yourselves the successes and spiritual accomplishments that have occurred lately.
    • In verse 31, what are Jesus and the disciples trying to do? Why?
    • What stands out to you from mark 6:32-44?
  4. Read Mark 6:45-52 together
    • What do you think Jesus is trying to teach the disciples about Himself? (Verse 52 gives insight into this)
    • What has Jesus taught you lately about Himself? What was it in your life that led you to be ready to learn that?
  5. Read Mark 6:53-56 together
    • What do these verses tell us about mankind? 
    • When you think of the sick and hurting… who do you know who comes to your mind? Make a list and spend time in your prayer time for them 
  6. Pray together
    • Pray for those who are sick and hurting
    • Share prayer requests and pray for each other



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