"Every man needs a band of brothers! Join a men’s group and you’ll be able to stand strong and become who God created you to be.”

Men’s Groups

Sundays @ 9:30am • Room 223

Discipleship group studying through the book of Ephesians  



Ron Canty


Tuesdays @ 7pm • Venue 2

Join us as we study the Bible & apply it to our lives; each session includes a Bible lesson, small group discussion, prayer time, and a homework assignment. Currently going through the book of 2 Kings.


Thursdays @ 6am • Venue 2

Man to Man • Feb 7- May 2 • Taught by Tim Lundy

Timeless truths and practical insights help men become competent, confident and successful in life.



The Warrior movement at Venture calls Christian men to the highest standards of moral conduct.

It is structured so that a man can come as he is, regardless of lifestyle status. The group is an action corps, teamed to fight Satan, wickedness, and personal temptations. The Warriors come along-side men that are not experiencing the best that God has to offer them, like those struggling with pornography, addiction, and marital issues, etc., and grow in important aspects of manhood including sexuality and accountability.




If you’re interested in being a part of this safe and confidential group, please email us below