Global Outreach / Mexico



Being God's Hands & Feet in Mexico

Mexico is the world’s tenth most populated country—and the most populated Spanish-speaking country. Recent strides in native language translations has allowed Mexico’s indigenous peoples to read the Bible in their heart language. Venture partners with local organizations who have first-hand understanding of local needs and how best to reach their people. 

Venture’s Mexico partners use a variety of strategies to build God’s Kingdom.

Building churches, rehabilitating cartel members, training leaders

In Juarez, partners lead a ministry network that starts new churches, trains leaders, rehabilitates cartel members, and reaches out to teens. 

They are in the final stages of renovating a Venture funded ministry center that includes an orphanage and new church. 

Feeding and Supporting Children & Families

In Southern Mexico, we funded a feeding center where over 7,500 meals were served to low income families. 

Construction is underway for a teen outreach center on the second floor. 

Protecting Vulnerable Migrants

Thousands of people get on top of a freight train that runs south to north in Mexico. The train is known as “The Beast,” or “The Death Train.”  Along the journey many are robbed or kidnapped, and some are trafficked. 

Our partner provides physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual assistance. Over the past 12 months they have prayed with over 100,000 migrants and rescued over 200 women from trafficking, with many receiving Christ.