Support & Recovery Groups



1st & 3rd Mondays @ 7pm  |  Click here for a room location map »
Women: Room 217  |  Men: Room 224  |  Family Support: 218

Approximately 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem during their lifetime. Venture is committed to educate, disciple and bring hope to individuals and families affected by mental health. We offer support groups for Men, Women, and a family support group. Our mission is to provide spiritual encouragement and a place of belonging where God re-purposes our pain for greater good. Our support groups are not a replacement for therapy, medication, or doctor visits.


HOPE (Healing of Post-abortion Emotions)

RealOptions has been offering post-abortion healing for 25 years and has touched the hearts and lives of women, men and their families. Many have never had a safe place to share their story, nor discovered God’s heart in restoring lives following the decision to abort a pregnancy. This study allows you to spend intimate time with each other as you work through the grief of abortion. This ministry is offered as healing tool to many woman and men with life changing results. 

RACHEL’S VINEYARD RETREATS for anyone (men, women, parents, boyfriends) involved in an abortion and seeking hope, help, and healing. All costs are covered by RealOptions. Confidential online registration is available here »

HOPE SUMMIT, free classes for post-abortive women




HOPE Website

Other Abortion Recovery Resources Available at the Venture Bookstore…

Books by Venture’s own Shadia Hrichi: “Worthy of Love: Finding Hope After Abortion” – Bible Study based on “Nameless No More,” Shadia’s personal story of post-abortion healing and restoration. Find out more about this study »


(Support Group for Mature Widowed/Single Women)

Meets twice a month - once for a potluck or an activity on a Saturday and the last Sunday of the month at a restaurant after church.

This group of mature, active widowed/single women meets regularly to support one another, have fun and fellowship, and provide encouragement and prayer.




The Warrior movement at Venture calls Christian men to the highest standards of moral conduct. It is structured so that a man can come as he is, regardless of lifestyle status. The group is an action corps, teamed to fight Satan, wickedness, and personal temptations. The Warriors come along-side men that are not experiencing the best that God has to offer them, like those struggling with pornography, addiction, and marital issues, etc., and grow in important aspects of manhood including sexuality and accountability.

If you’re interested in being a part of this safe and confidential group, please email us at »



For Spouses of Sexually Broken Men

Journey is a community of women who have all experienced betrayal and loss as a result of their spouses’ struggle with life-dominating sexual sin. Journey Women have an opportunity to grieve with others who identify with their pain, and begin to break free from harmful and distorted patterns of thinking.

Learn how to set boundaries that guard your heart, thoughts, and behaviors, and allow God to use authentic relationships to heal and transform you from the inside out. Journey's core curriculum addresses relevant issues helping women reconnect with God in a daily devotion. Journey is about relationships with God and other believers who help women walk through this life with grace and truth, no matter what choices their spouses may make along the way.

We look forward to getting to know you and walking with you on your journey. To find out more or to join the group, email us at »



Fridays @ 7pm  |  Private Home  |  Next Session Begins June 21, 2019

We understand what you are going through and want to help! In addition to connecting in a supportive community, you’ll learn about grief and recovery to help you through the grieving process and rebuild your life.

GriefShare meets on Friday evenings at a private home. Book: $20. Please email Don & Cindy Butler for location of the meeting and more information, or call 408.460.9481.


$20 for book


Don & Cindy Butler


HISKIDZ (Special Needs Ministry)

We know that ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for your child with special needs is a high priority for every family. HisKidz is an environment strategically created to nurture and teach children with a wide variety of special needs. We provide two options during services on Saturdays – either a buddy assigned to your child in a class with regular Children’s Ministry programming (4pm service), or a structured separate class environment with a consistent routine for children with unique needs (4pm service).