The venture way

 Discover the life you were made for.

Professionally, you’ve made it. You know how to win at work. Personally, you’re not sure if you’re doing it right. You know there’s got to be a way to break out of the typical stressed-out Bay Area life, without sacrificing all you’ve earned. We know how you feel. Our Venture community is made up of hyper-talented people on the hunt for a full life that feels more meaningful.

We don’t have a magic formula, but we do have the Venture Way. The Venture Way is an approach to life we’ve lifted straight from Jesus’ playbook. Using seven ancient practices, people are replacing their stress with contentment, making a difference in the lives of others, and experiencing more joy. The Way is open to anyone, no matter your beliefs, backgrounds, or but-what-abouts on the subject of God.

The Venture Way

Seven practices for a better life 


Engage God

Learn to experience God personally every day.

Receive Teaching

Discover proven wisdom with deep roots.

Worship Daily

Find real joy by reflecting on the transcendent nature of God.

Live in Community

Find your people and belong.

Serve Others

Make a difference and change the world. It’s what you were meant to do.

Give Generously

Discover a better way to live financially—full of freedom, peace, and purpose.

Share the Way

Your story matters. We can help you share it.