Ages 7-13
Performing Sunday, June 23

Meet the Director!

Hello! My name is Rachel Kraft, I am the Vocal Director and Worship Leader here at Venture. Before entering full time ministry at Venture, I was a Kinder-5th grade music teacher in Santa Cruz. Not only do I  have a huge passion for worship ministry, but I also love encouraging children to use their voice to glorify the Lord! It makes me so happy to witness a child grow in their self confidence and love for worship. I believe that God has given children powerful gifts, and we should give kids an opportunity to use those gifts!

This is going to be such an incredible opportunity for your child to grow in their vocal confidence as well as get to learn about the true meaning of worship! I cannot wait to get to meet your child, and get the opportunity to worship alongside them. I hope you will be praying as we enter this fun project, that your child has a positive experience that sparks their love for worship!

Rachel Kraft

Goals for vyc

The first goal is to record Venture original kids worship songs for your family to worship with at home! We will be rehearsing once a week starting on April 10th for an audio recording on May 22nd. The songs will be released on all streaming platforms around July.

The second goal is to have the children lead worship on the Venture worship stage for all three services on June 23rd. They will open worship with the three songs they learned and recorded, “Eternity to Eternity”, “Undignified” and “Praise”.

Performance Date: 

Sunday, June 23rd 9, 11, and 4 pm service at Venture Christian Church

June 23rd Schedule: 

Check-in 7:45 am in room 224



Check out 11:30 am – 12:30 pm in room 224

Check-in 3:00 pm in room 224

Check out 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm in room 224

Hand Motion Demos


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VYC Eternity Vocal

VYC Praise Lyrics

VYC Undignified  Lyrics


  • Participants must be a part of both the recording on Wednesday, May 22nd and leading worship on Sunday, June 23rd. 
  • We ask that the child not miss more than 2 rehearsals. 
  • We will have a system of “3 strikes your out” for behavior. If we have to talk with you and your child more than 2 times about distracting or impolite behavior during rehearsals, we will ask that the child not be a part of the choir. 
  • We ask that parents remain outside of the rehearsal room during rehearsals so that way we can have full focus from the child for the duration of the hour rehearsal.